Technical SEO


Because great rankings start with strong foundations.

Why do I need tech SEO?

Tech SEO is no longer just a list of tick boxes, it’s a way to get a competitive advantage. With strong foundations your sites ranking possibilities are endless, and with most technical things in life, its best left to the experts.

Search engines get smarter every day, and whilst they’re already pretty good at crawling, indexing and understanding – they’re far from their potential. We’ll make sure the crawlers understand what your site is all about, removing those hurdles or blockers, to get your site ranking for those all important keywords.

Let’s tackle the problems head on.

We’ll carry out technical SEO audits, link gap analysis, competitor analysis, content audits and keyword research to work out the areas holding your site back, and then we’ll fix them. Tech SEO isn’t the be-all-end-all of SEO, but without it, the cogs won’t turn quite as easily in other areas.

We’re experts in:

Link Building

Links from authoritative sites send trust signals to Google. Our team of link experts know what people will link to, and will work hard to encourage a consistent stream of high DR links to your most important pages.


Before we begin, we’ll carry out in depth site audits on everything from tech SEO to competitor analysis and link gaps in order to establish the key areas for improvement.

International SEO

We successfully carry our tech SEO for international brands in multiple languages and locations. We’ll have your site operating in multiple regions and languages quicker than you can say Hreflang..(well, almost).

Local SEO

Good old bricks ‘n’ mortar is still alive and well, and thankfully we know how to draw in customers from the right locations and convert online traffic to foot traffic with well thought through local SEO.

Website migration

Waiting to see the effects of site migration on your hard earned SEO can be, in the words of our tech SEO Manager, “squeaky bum time”. But, if done correctly, there really shouldn’t be anything to worry about. We’ll guide you through the preparation, implementation and post migration monitoring to ensure your rankings remain unharmed.

Google penalty recovery

The world wide web contains a lot of misinformation on SEO techniques, and there are a lot of “experts” out there still using old school black hat methods. We’ll do our best to work out why your site was penalised and put together a plan to get it back on track.

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