Increasing organic traffic by 40% with a high-quality link-building strategy

The client


Crisp is a multichannel messaging platform that connects companies & customers. They help companies automate their customer service through advanced chatbot and other communication technology. With the hopes of improving their domain rating to increase organic traffic, they reached out to Minty to implement a custom link-building strategy for the Spanish-language version of the Crisp site.

Learn how our authentic link-building efforts helped them increase their organic site traffic by 40% year-over-year.

Leveraging qualified links to improve domain ranking with Minty.


As a chatbot service that offers a conversational experience to companies looking to engage with incoming website traffic, Crisp recognises the importance of getting users to land on their own site via search. For this reason, they were looking to improve the overall search health of the Spanish-language version of their site by generating high quality links that would help boost their Ahrefs domain rating.

By partnering up with Minty, they were able to build 22 qualified links in a matter of 6 months from websites with strong domain ratings, bringing their site a 40% increase in organic traffic YoY.

Our strategy.

After an in-depth analysis of the Crisp website, our team built a custom link-building strategy that would help them rank for pertinent keywords and, thus, provide their site with relevant search traffic.

The first step was to establish a list of qualified publications with high domain ratings to request links from in exchange for an original guest post. Gathering the contact information of each publication online, we implemented a personalised process for reaching out via email to ensure optimal success.

Based on the publications that responded, we then organised the content we would provide in exchange for a link back to the Crisp site. Within this step of the process, we diligently managed the creation of fresh and relevant content that would give value to potential readers, while showcasing Crisp as leaders in their industry and legitimising our request for the link.

With a specific list of desired anchor texts, we were also able to ensure that each link generated as much SEO power as possible, getting the most out of our link-building efforts.

The results


  • 22 qualified links in 6 months from websites with domain ratings mostly above 25/45
  • Links from sites that are based in Spanish-speaking countries (Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia), which is powerful when boosting a Spanish-language site
  • 40% increase in organic traffic YoY





“Charlie the CEO an Javier, SEO outreach specialist joined me from the beginning and work with me every month. They are doers, and they are always finding ways to improve.”

Antoine Goret, CMO at Crisp 

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