Listening to the needs of parents and securing

top position rankings for Educational Law Firm.


How we took to sites like Mumsnet and Reddit to listen to the problems parents of children with special education needs face on a daily basis and used it to inform our content and SEO strategy.


Education Advocacy: Listening to the needs of parents and securing top position rankings

The challenge

Education Advocacy came to us after a period of slow online growth, ready to make moves and really make a difference to the number of enquiries they were receiving

The goal was clear from the start; drive more leads but in such a niche industry, with such high competition keywords, we knew we needed to be clever in our approach to ensure maximum results, as quickly as possible.

Parents know best.

We took to Mumsnet, reddit and parental forums to really dig down deep into the questions and problems that parents of children with SEN faced everyday, to ensure our strategy was going to provide value and answer the questions of the audience that mattered most.

After *a lot* of digging and time spent understanding the language used within the niche, we nailed down the hot topics that needed covering, and started to formulate a plan to answer the questions.

The solution: The EHCP Guide.


And so, the EHCP guide was born. In short an EHCP is something that parents can provide schools to ensure SEN children receive the help and support they deserve, it’s a huge part of the service offering of Education Advocacy, and also the topic that seemed to puzzle many parents. Our content team worked closely with the client to create a white paper guide that answered these questions, and hit those high intent keywords at the same time. A win win.

The results

We launched the page, Google crawled it and rankings began to climb. Considering this is one of the first pieces of work we produced for Education Advocacy back in 2020, the longevity of the content is proved through the continued increasing ranking of the page for various keywords – surviving countless algorithm updates. Quality content ALWAYS wins! The recent spike began in June, it’s still going!

…so what?

Getting a page to rank is one thing, but getting the traffic to convert is another. Through ongoing tech SEO fixes and tweaks that not only improved the site from Google’s perspective, but also greatly improved Education Advocacy had to hire to deal with the enquiries, if that’s not smashing a target I don’t know what is.

Did we mention this was also during lockdown? 😉

Next up, the SEN school map.


Understanding EHCPs is one thing, but what about when it comes to actually finding a SEN school? We needed Education Advocacy to be visible to parents from the start of their child’s journey, so, we created an interactive map of the UK, breaking down exactly where the SEN schools are, what they specialise in, links to their site and more.


The results


So far, the map has received links from Living Autism, the NHS and SEN Magazine. As for rankings, since January this year the map has risen to the top 5 positions for the target keywords, with an average of 2k page visitors every month.

Education Advocacy: Listening to the needs of parents and securing top position rankings

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