Our press releases turn heads.


Well, not really, but we’re pretty damn good at sparking journalist’s interest.

What is a press release?

A press release can make or break a campaign. You can spend hours, days even weeks researching, pulling together your data, your creative assets, but if your press release is weak, your campaign has a high chance of flopping. Essentially, it’s the first thing a journalist will see after opening an outreach email, so if it doesn’t catch their eye, why would they present your story to their readers?

Thankfully, we’re really good at ’em.


If you’ve ever spoken to or watched a talk from a journalist, you’ll have heard them hammer home just how many emails they receive every single day. We’ll ensure your campaign is explained in a compelling way, with all the right words, all in the right places.

We do our research

We don’t just go in blind, nor do we fire out the same release to 100’s of journalists hoping it will stick. We carefully plan and research our media lists and then tailor each press release to suit the different categories (e.g regional media and national media.).

Eat, sleep, rework, repeat..

The news agenda is fast paced, we get it. A campaign planned one day might be completely irrelevant the next. Which is why we’re always ready to switch up the story and change the angle. Sometimes it can be as simple as a change of headline, and sometimes a new release is needed entirely. We’ll do what it takes to land you coverage and links.

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