Digital PR Strategy

Digital PR that converts ideas to coverage and coverage to consumers.

PR Strategy is more than just links.

At Minty, we believe that the art of Public Relations (PR) is more than just press releases and media coverage. It’s the strategic foundation that shapes your brand’s image, influences opinions, and nurtures lasting relationships in today’s dynamic business world. We are dedicated to harnessing the full potential of Digital PR to propel your brand to new heights and ensure that your story is heard loud and clear.

What makes a successful PR strategy?

A successful PR strategy is like creating a masterpiece where art meets the facts. Think of it as a skilful blend of messages, outreach and timing that results in a perfect harmony of brand buzz and audience connection. We believe a good PR strategy:

PR Strategy

Aligns with Business Objectives

We delve deep into your business goals to create a strategy that doesn’t just grab attention but also delivers real, measurable results – think getting the kind of coverage that you’ve been dreaming of in all the right places.

PR Strategy


Understanding your target audience is our priority. We create messages that resonate with their needs, aspirations, and pain points.

PR Strategy


The digital PR landscape is ever-evolving. A strong strategy is one that can adapt to changes and seize emerging opportunities through both proactive and reactive PR.

PR Strategy

Relationships with Journalists

We’ve got the inside scoop. Our well-established relationships with journalists and media outlets give your brand a direct line to captivating storytelling and extensive coverage.

PR Strategy

Measurement, Optimisation and Links

We’re big believers in making decisions backed by data. Our strategies are designed to be measurable, giving us room to tweak and perfect things as we go along. It’s all about that constant fine-tuning for better results.

What makes Minty the best at Digital PR?

We take pride in our ability to craft PR strategies that stand out and leave a memorable mark. Apart from all the obvious points that we won’t bore you with, here are a few other points we believe sets us above the rest:

Global Perspective, Local Execution: We’re pros at putting together international PR strategies that go beyond borders. And guess what? We’ve got PR teams fluent in multiple languages to make sure your message really hits home, no matter where you’re targeting. We’re all about making your story connect with different crowds while being mindful of the diverse cultures and language variations out there.

Measurable Impact: We believe in delivering results. Our strategies are built with measurability in mind, so you can see exactly how each campaign is doing and make informed decisions. Transparency is our game – you’ll always be in the loop with real-time, measurable results at your fingertips.

Responsive and Reactive: We’ve got your back covered on all PR fronts – whether it’s creating a compelling campaign or being on the ball to respond swiftly to opportunities, our PR expertise covers both the reactive and responsive sides to keep your brand coming out top.

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Who can benefit from Minty digital PR services?

Our digital PR strategies are tailor-made to elevate all kinds of businesses in the travel, lifestyle, and leisure sectors. So, whether you’re a boutique hotel aiming to offer unique travel experiences or a lifestyle brand with a distinctive story to share, our digital PR expertise can be the catalyst for your success.

What’s more, we seamlessly collaborate with in-house marketing teams and managers, offering you that extra layer of strategic finesse to lift your brand’s digital journey.

So, whether you’re a startup or an established name, our digital PR solutions are crafted to help you connect with your audience and amplify your brand’s impact, there really are benefits in digital PR for everyone.

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