5 key benefits of Digital PR to your brand

Want to know the main difference between digital PR and traditional PR? Links. The type of links that boost rankings and let Google and other search engines know that your website is legitimate, trusted, reputable, and generally worth visiting. 

But these handy links are not the only advantage of designing a more 21st-century, digital-first PR campaign. From increasing brand awareness to social engagement, digital PR is basically a polished, upgraded version of its former – the methodology is the same, it just comes with some added SEO benefits.

So, what are they, and how can they help your brand?

It Increases Brand Awareness

As we said, digital PR has the power to increase brand awareness, (both for consumers and search engines) which if you’re serious about driving sales, is one of the most important aspects of a marketing strategy. 

It’s no secret that SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and web users value accurate, well-informed, and credible content, and the strategic use of quality copy can make all the difference when it comes to positioning your brand as a leader in your industry.

To increase this awareness, digital PR and SEO agencies work with a network of bloggers, influencers, and journalists, sending them online press releases in order to achieve social media mentions, high-quality backlinks, and improve the search engine optimisation of a brand’s website.


It Increases Social Media Engagement

As well as increasing brand awareness, a high-quality and strategic digital PR campaign can help to boost social media engagement, too. Which, in this day and age is paramount – think about how many brands interact with their customers online, think about how often they do it, and think about how social media influences you when it comes to siding or not siding with a brand. 

The steps you can take to achieve this aren’t difficult either. The most effective ones have been tried and tested, and as long as you’re consistent, there’s no reason you can’t increase your engagement and your following:

  • Encourage user-generated content, i.e comment sections and discussion forums.
  • Ask questions.
  • Reply to your followers.
  • Post regular, high-quality content on multi-channel platforms.
  • Create or use high-quality visuals.
  • Create live videos.
  • Track your social media performance.


It Drives Targeted Traffic to Your Site

When it comes to earning press opportunities and driving traffic to a site, digital PR can actually be pretty cost-effective. And as well as generating short-term traffic increase, it can sustain long-term traffic, too.

This is because we already know that successful digital PR campaigns earn plenty of inbound links from reputable sources. We also know that these inbound links act as votes of confidence and trust from Google and other search engines when it comes to ranking websites.

Essentially, this increased visibility in SERPs leads to increased website traffic, which in the long run leads to more sales.


It Improves Domain Authority 

Domain authority predicts a website’s visibility and ability to rank within its own marketplace. It is influenced by the total of  inbound links your webpage obtains, and the total number of linking root domains your site has, amongst other things.

Essentially, the higher your site’s domain authority, the higher the chances of it ranking and appearing in search engine results. So, by enlisting the help of a quality digital PR campaign to earn these links, you’ll be able to improve the domain authority of your brand.


It Enhances the Credibility of Your Brand

It’s not just consumers, Google and other search engines that will deem your brand credible after a successful digital PR campaign. Your credibility will also be seen by key decision-makers, including influencers, and other (potentially larger) brands who are looking for companies to collaborate or work with. 

These days, the click of a button and the search of a keyword will put your brand in front of people. So, by securing positive media coverage in reputable online publications and maintaining a strong social media presence, you’ll be solidifying your online position as a top, trusted and credible source in your industry. 


Take Your Brand to New Heights

Like what you hear? Well, maybe now’s the time to enlist the help of a digital PR strategy. When you start a brand, the main goal is success, and with the online marketplace being more condensed than ever, you need to ensure you stand out from the crowd. 


Ellie Mckenna

Content Executive

MSc Digital Marketing & Communications. All things pattern and design. Find me eating pizza in a floral print 🌸🍕
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