FOLCBD: Boosting Keyword Rank, Traffic & Visibility


In November 2022, got in touch with us, concerned about their search result rankings.

We took them on a digital journey, from deep diving into their situation and objectives to performing thorough SEO tasks like audits and keyword research.

Read on to discover how we elevated’s search ranking game.

The Results
FOLCBD – Boosting Keyword Rank, Traffic & Visibility
FOLCBD – Boosting Keyword Rank, Traffic & Visibility
FOLCBD – Boosting Keyword Rank, Traffic & Visibility
FOLCBD – Boosting Keyword Rank, Traffic & Visibility

Who is

FOLCBD.COM is a family-driven enterprise led by a passionate couple and their dedicated team in an increasingly competitive CBD industry. With over 7 years in business, they’re focused on improving lives with top-quality hemp products through in-store and online sales.

The Challenge:

Back in November 2022, reached out to us as they noticed their passion and hard work weren’t matching up with their visibility as a brand online. Being in an extremely competitive online landscape, they knew they needed to do something to stay relevant. They had a clear mission in mind: they wanted to boost their online presence, get more people visiting their site naturally, and improve how often they pop up when users search for specific things.

They were after an all-inclusive plan that not only made them more noticeable online but also solidified their brand’s digital reputation.

FOLCBD – Boosting Keyword Rank, Traffic & Visibility

Our Solution:

As always, we came together as a team and created a custom smart strategy that aligned with where they were currently and where they wanted to be.

We broke it down into clear steps (we get it, it can be overwhelming on where to start) and began steering toward their goals. This included:

FOLCBD – Boosting Keyword Rank, Traffic & Visibility
Technical Audit

We started our journey by conducting a thorough technical audit of’s online platform. Identifying opportunities for optimisation, we crafted technical tasks and collaborated closely with the client’s developers for example checking for broken links, site structure and page loading times.

FOLCBD – Boosting Keyword Rank, Traffic & Visibility
Content Audit and Keyword Research

To tackle search rankings, we jumped into an extensive keyword research process. This included evaluating existing content, enhancing on-page SEO elements such as meta tags and headers, and orchestrating keyword optimisation within the content itself. Basically, we want the top-notch content to get the rankings it deserves using relevant keywords.

FOLCBD – Boosting Keyword Rank, Traffic & Visibility
Back Link and Competitor Analysis

We delved into’s online connections through backlink analysis, understanding who’s talking about them online. Additionally, by comparing their strategies with competitors, we uncovered insights to enhance their approach and boost their brand.

FOLCBD – Boosting Keyword Rank, Traffic & Visibility
Blog Post Ideas and FAQs

We brainstormed engaging blog post ideas and compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for, creating valuable content that addresses customers’ needs and interests and drives organic traffic to the site.

FOLCBD – Boosting Keyword Rank, Traffic & Visibility
On-page SEO

We polished up’s website with on-page SEO, optimising every page to help search engines better understand and showcase their content for example optimising metatags, descriptions and already existing content.

The Results: We let the numbers do the talking


Now, let’s get into the good stuff – the actual outcomes.

In the screenshots ahead, we’re breaking down what happened as we teamed up with We’re talking more organic visitors and better keyword rankings – the kind of things you can actually see and measure.

Increase in Organic Traffic:

Starting us off is organic traffic. Looking at November-March 2023 compared against previous June-October 2022 we saw an amazing overall 30%+ increase.

FOLCBD – Boosting Keyword Rank, Traffic & Visibility
FOLCBD – Boosting Keyword Rank, Traffic & Visibility

Organic Keyword Rankings:

The surge in keyword rankings speaks for itself. In just 5 months we saw an impressive:

  • Increase in overall keywords from 752 to 1192, a 59%+ increase.
  • 48% increase in the top 10 keywords rankings.


Total Clicks and Impressions

Comparing between November 2022 and March 2023 we saw big changes in clicks and impressions. The numbers don’t lie:

  • Total clicks shot up by a solid 40%.
  • Total impressions skyrocketed by a whopping 95%.
FOLCBD – Boosting Keyword Rank, Traffic & Visibility
FOLCBD – Boosting Keyword Rank, Traffic & Visibility

Top Tip: Look out for non-canonical links on category pages

Let’s chat about a common e-commerce hiccup, even among the big players like Shopify that we experienced with non-canonical links.

Don’t be fooled by the fancy term – it’s essentially a sneaky issue that can impact your site’s ranking possibilities.

Here’s the scoop: Shopify tends to use these non-canonical links by default for your site’s structure. But the catch is that they can give Google mixed messages. On one hand, you’re saying, “Check out these important pages, Google!” But on the down-low, you’re kind of hinting, “Actually, focus on these other pages, pretty please.”

So, what’s the bottom line? Keep an eye out for these links. They might be quietly tweaking your SEO efforts. This little glitch can throw off your site’s search engine efforts, but thankfully for we were able to pick up on this and fix it quickly to boost their online visibility.

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