The benefits of brand mentions

Digital PR is a multi-faceted strategy used to increase the awareness of brands using online methods. We all know that, right? But do we all know that it’s not just a link-building empire and that digital PR done right can generate some pretty extraordinary results beyond this?

This is why we wanted to zoom in on the value of brand mentions. While you may find it disheartening to see people chatting about your brand online without linking to it, mentions are still *incredibly* beneficial to your biz. Think of it as word of mouth – you can’t link to things in real-life conversation – so why degrade its esteem online? 

So, the next time you come across a brand mention, think of it as a win. Because it is. And here’s why…


1. It builds visibility and brand awareness

Even without a link, a mention of your brand on a relevant website helps to establish you as an expert on your topic, and can even christen you as a thought leader. People reading the content will still see your brand name, which will increase their awareness of who you are and what you do.

Plus, brand mentions that are well-placed will also boost your business’s recognition, reputation and trust. So, as your name becomes more familiar within the respected parts of the internet, the more confident people will feel with engaging with what you have to offer. 

2. It solidifies brand rep and trust

The fact that brand mentions boost your online rep is why it shouldn’t be undervalued. Within the digital world, reputation management is important, and it becomes easier when you are able to track all of your mentions online.

This means you should welcome every opportunity to be able to forge positive relationships with your audience/customers as an online business. Basically, you’re able to shine brightly in an overpopulated space. 

And when you see your name pop up in conversation realms of the internet – whether it be on social media or on forums – utilise this as a moment to engage in discussion and build up relationships and trust in the process.

Over time, these friendly chats could lead to a loyal customer base forming.


3. It gives you more link-building opportunities

Of course, linking is important for the growth of your business, and brand mentions allow you to capitalise on this. If you see people already discussing your brand, products, or services, the more likely they’ll agree to link to you. 

Simply reach out to the owner of the website and ask them if they wouldn’t mind linking to your brand. Considering that it’s already been talked about on there, they shouldn’t have a problem with it. This is a really effective way to link-build, as converting mentions into links can help increase your website traffic even further. 


4. It can impact your search engine rankings

Google’s algorithm acknowledges brand mentions as a ranking factor. This means they can impact how high you rank in the search engine results page. So, for SEO-focused people, this is probably *the* biggest brand mentions benefit.


5. It’ll help to grow revenue

Let’s be real. (Probably) the main reason that people start a business (along with passion) is to make money. If you’ve already managed to build a reputation as a high-quality brand, you’re more likely to see a larger customer base as more people will have access to be able to find out about you. So, the more brand mentions you get online, the higher this number will be, which obviously increases your revenue. Oh, and it gives you a better chance of being the go-to brand within your industry and competition, too.  


Brand mentions are *important* people !!

There are so many strategies within the digital PR umbrella, and brand mentions are one of them. Strong individuals, they’re even more powerful when teamed up with other strategies, so the next time you see your brand online without a link – it’s not the end of the digital world.

Ellie Mckenna

Content Executive

MSc Digital Marketing & Communications. All things pattern and design. Find me eating pizza in a floral print 🌸🍕
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