Reactive PR 


Often referred to as Newsjacking, reactive PR is the art of injecting your ideas into breaking and trending news stories
so your brands thoughts and opinions get noticed.

Why choose reactive?


In an age of 24/7 news cycles, brands that engage in real-time dialogues prove they’re in the loop, capturing audiences when attention is at its peak.


Reactive PR allows brands to show their human side. Responding to events as they unfold can demonstrate genuine interest, commitment, and thought leadership, rather than a rehearsed brand message.


Jumping on trending topics can catapult your brand into mainstream conversations, giving a boost to brand awareness through increased organic search positioning and social engagement.

How does it work?

Our team will jump on several calls with you and your team to establish which areas of the media you’d like to target, where your expertise is, what you want to comment on and who the best person for that would be. We’ll create a collaborative editorial calendar, to allow us to plan for certain releases (E.g financial reports) and get any sign off we need so we can jump straight on any coverage without any delays.

Do all industries benefit equally?


If you’ve got an in-house expert and a target niche, chances are you’re a good fit for newsjacking. However, brands within the financial industry tend to see particularly impressive results from newsjacking due to the sheer amount of financial news published every single day. Think cost of living, energy crisis etc etc.

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