Achieving a 1255% increase in non branded traffic for LivingDNA.


Non-branded traffic: Users that found the site without searching the brand name.


LivingDNA | SEO strategy achieves 1255% increase in non branded traffic

The client, and the challenge


LivingDNA is a UK-based company that specialises in DNA testing and analysis. Their B2C service allows customers to take samples of their DNA and find out details such as their heritage, family relations, and health trends.

Living DNA approached us to improve their online visibility across English Speaking Countries around the world.


How we got there

Alongside technical SEO and existing content improvements, we put a heavy focus on developing the blog content.

Keyword research was carried out to find the most popular searches in the industry, we then analysed the competitive landscape to identify which of these keywords would provide the most value.

By creating consistently high-quality and engaging content, we achieved 1st position ranking for several high search volume keywords.

What next?


Then, we worked alongside the team at Living DNA to assist them in the creation of new commercial pages providing a range of SEO implementations including keyword mapping, in-depth keyword research, FAQ creation, page speed optimisation, and metadata creation.

The results


The results speak for themselves, our tech SEO and content strategy shot LivingDNA to the top of the rankings for highly competitive keywords such as “centimorgan chart” and “DNA segment” which in turn boosted traffic to an impressive 49K visits per month.

LivingDNA continue to work with us on their SEO & PPC strategy – so stay tuned for updated results!


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