Increasing traffic by 124% for finance client


How technical SEO and content marketing campaign increased traffic by 124% for our client in the finance industry.

Investing Reviews – Increasing traffic by 124% for financial review platform

Who are Investing Reviews?


Investing Reviews are a reviews and comparison platform to help users make informed decisions on where to invest their money next. The website is 100% free to use and all reviews are completely independent. Topics covered range from ISAs to Crypto currencies.


We were challenged with developing a full content strategy in order to drive their blogs ranking potential even further, on-page SEO work to ensure sound technical foundations and a strong internal linking profile, and in depth competitor analysis to find anything their competitors doing that we could do…but better.

Investing Reviews – Increasing traffic by 124% for financial review platform

First up, content strategy.


Investing Reviews asked us to research new relevant article ideas around the likes of trading and investing for their in house content team to produce.

Our first port of call was a keyword gap analysis; this involves analysing topics that competitors are ranking for, that investing reviews weren’t. 

We also manually analysed the top performing articles for specific competitors, to try and spot missed opportunities. This technique also gave us insights into which particular article types and topics generate significant search traffic, but most importantly, which of these attract search traffic that is more likely to convert.

We soon discovered that publications like Forbes ranked for keywords that were relevant to investing reviews, so we would look within their relevant subfolders to try spot opportunities.

An example of the subfolder would be:

We took this information and from there built out a content strategy that combined a perfect mix of relevant topics, high search volume keywords, achievable rankings (from looking at keyword difficulty and manually analysing the SERPs), and high search intent.


Then, existing content improvements.

Investing reviews provided us a list of their most valuable pages, we took these and began analysing ways we could improve the content, and therefore the rankings.

We carried out improvements including adding contextual internal links too and from pages, researching and recommending new FAQs to add, and adding new content sections such as tables.



See below an example.

We analysed Investing Review’s Best Pension Providers page and discovered that “best performing pension funds” generated significant clicks and impressions. We then worked on content related to this topic in order to  cash in on the searches.

Investing Reviews – Increasing traffic by 124% for financial review platform

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