200+ links for financial client, Admirals. 


How we used data led, reactive and outreach to build links across the UK and Spain (& more!) for finance client, Admirals.

Admirals – Reactive PR for the finance industry

The challenge


In April 2021, Admiral approached us amidst plummeting traffic of just 250k per month, attributed to recent Google updates.

Our mission was twofold: Build brand awareness and reputation in the form of coverage and backlinks through reactive outreach, and position our spokesperson and the brand as experts in the field. In two languages, across the UK and Spain. 

Our Approach


We knew our approach would need to combine several elements of digital PR. the brand had some niche offerings, where placing in depth, technical blogs on niche sites would come in handy through outreach. There was also the huge opportunity of being able to comment on financial trends, hence the news jacking on financial reports of some of the worlds biggest brands. The data led work slotted between this seamlessly, and allowed the brand to gain coverage in titles it wouldn’t normally with creative campaigns.

Data Led

We launched digital PR campaigns that tied in with the news agenda at the time.


We reached out to industry specific sites across the target countries with business related news. These sites covered the business updates and more often than not included a link back to the Admirals site. A win win.

Reactive PR

We conducted an in-depth analysis of topical companies across multiple industries as their financial statements were upcoming release. 

Working closely with Admirals expert spokesperson, Roberto, we crafted a strong framework for how he would best show his expert opinion when it came to commenting on these results and the impact they would have on shareholders/ the industry.

Reactive PR 🤝 the finance industry


There’s no shortage of financial related stories in the media. From the cost of living crisis, crypto updates and debates, politics, the price of a pint and so on. Finance brands have an opportunity like no other – the chance to inject their voice into existing topics and secure their positions as thought leaders.

n the last 6 months alone, Admirals targeted 16 company announcements and secured coverage in 10 of these announcements ( with multiple pieces of coverage across multiple titles for some companies ) – Thats a 62% Success rate!

Coverage highlights include The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Wall street Journal, Market Screener and Proactive Investor. 


Results snapshot:


:rocket: Rank for over 13,000 new keywords in the UK and US
:rocket: Increase impressions by 20 million year on year (Last 3 months of 2023 vs 2022)
:rocket: Increase organic clicks by over 350,000 year on year (Last 3 months of 2023 vs 2022)
:rocket:Over 30,000 new keyword rankings in Spain, Netherlands, France and Germany


Coverage highlights:
Admirals – Reactive PR for the finance industry
Admirals – Reactive PR for the finance industry
Admirals – Reactive PR for the finance industry
Admirals – Reactive PR for the finance industry

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