How to Write a Headline Everyone Will Click On

15 Oct 2018
SEO Charlie Clark

First impression? Nobody can deny how much it matters, weather we talk about meeting new people, holding a speech in front of a large audience or… writing headlines. The saturation of the Internet is undeniable a challenge for those of us who want to improve our sites and come up with catchy headlines that people just can’t help but click on. Laying out a caption that actually makes people read the entire article is a real struggle for many. Luckily, this article comes with a bunch of solutions that you can pick from so keep reading!So, is there a specific formula for writing a headline that everyone will click on? The truth is, yes, there is and the most successful headlines follow a pattern made to catch the eye and intrigue the reader. Even though there is a wide range of strategies that might help you write the best headlines, the 4U’s is the most known and probably the best. Useful. Urgent. Unique. Ultra-specific.


As you can probably figure out already, the first U in this technique refers to offering a quick and effective solution to a certain problem that your public encounters and can’t solve by themselves. The good news is that it can be used by both product and service-based companies and it works efficiently every time. People are easily persuaded when being offered useful value. For example, introducing the post as a ‘how-to’ article (without including the process in the headline, though), while keeping the focus on the final result and providing the answer to a specific issue, will certainly work.


Make the most out of the FOMO. The sense of urgency confers most people a certain fear of missing something out. Just think of those headlines that make you want to be the first to find a specific piece of information. They grab your attention because they sound crucial as if you need to know those things right away. It works especially for time-sensitive people, but it has the disadvantage of being the hardest one to achieve of the 4 U’s.


Writing powerful captions depends more on the words you select and less on the subject you choose to talk about. To engage prospects in reading your articles and make them see your headlines among so many others, you might want to build your message as appealing and unique as possible. Use rare and unusual phrases and focus on the wordplay. Of course, it is recommended that you find interesting topics and subjects that your public will be delighted to read about but the phrasing is key as some juicy blog posts might never be read if the wordplay isn’t right.


It is no surprise that being ultra-specific in your headlines makes people click on them. When we are searching for something or even randomly scrolling, we need to see clearly the benefit in reading an article. This trick works as it gives people exactly what they expect to get. Finding a specific idea and taking it one step further is what we all want to find in an article.Besides this strategy, it is further important that your headline contains 16-18 words and, maybe the best selling point, it always gives away the big benefit that the posts offer. All in all, when writing the headline of an article, you want to make sure that it is accurate for the article and that it reflects your brand’s identity and your company’s values.

An engaging headline should not focus on selling something to the reader, but on attracting him to read the article. It should generate curiosity but also offer solutions and give people the most of what they are looking for so that they choose it on behalf of so many another post.

So, now that you know how it works, what are you waiting for? You can either do it yourself or let us deal with your Digital Marketing Strategy, from Content to Ads and Social Media Presence!


Charlie Clark
Founder of Minty Digital. Charlie has over 10 years of experience within the Digital Marketing industry. Background in Project Management, SEO, and Google Ads.
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