What is Google’s SGE? How will it impact SEO?

Google’s recently announced Search Generative Experiment (SGE) is set to change the search landscape, with implications that could significantly impact SEO.

In a nutshell, Google’s new SGE is unveiling three new features within its Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs): AI Snapshot, Non-AI results based on experience, and Perspectives. These updates offer a massive opportunity those in search to really take their share of the SERPs.

Search Generative Experiment – not just a tongue twister!

  • Understand the SERP Structure: The SGE SERP will comprise three parts: AI, Others’ Recommendations/Experiences, and Perspectives. This structure prioritises recommendations, opinions, and advice, giving voice to users and experts over brands. The AI section, limited to high-authority results, will likely attract most traffic, followed by experience-based content and perspectives from various platforms like Twitter and TikTok.
  • Optimise Image Thumbnails: Thumbnails are crucial. With SGE, unique, compelling thumbnails will enhance your content’s visibility and clickability. It’s time to get creative and consider what visuals resonate most with your audience.
  • Prepare for Qualified Traffic: While overall website traffic might dip for some due to Google’s streamlined search approach, the quality of incoming traffic is set to improve, translating into higher-value conversions for your site.
  • Prioritise Unique, Experience-based Content: Google is favouring content created by individuals over brand-generated content. So don’t be afraid to lean into user-generated content, engaging experts and influencers to create and endorse your offerings.
  • Media Trust Signals Matter: In this new era, media mentions and features are invaluable. They not only bolster your brand’s credibility but are also likely to improve your ranking within SGE SERPs.

Actionable Tips:

  1. Embrace Thumbnail Optimisation: Thumbnails are no longer afterthoughts; they’re central to your content’s performance. Invest time in creating and testing standout thumbnails that align with your brand and capture attention.
  2. SEO: Marketers need to combine creative and technical SEO skills. With Google increasingly focusing on user experience, mastering the balance between these skills is non-negotiable. Basically, tech SEO as a standalone isn’t enough.
  3. Prioritise Unique Content: With Google SGE leaning towards user-generated content, there’s a clear call for brands to facilitate and promote content that offers unique insights, opinions, and experiences.
  4. Forge Partnerships: Collaborating with influencers, creators, and thought leaders is imperative. These partnerships not only enrich your content but also enhance your brand’s credibility and visibility on SGE.
  5. Leverage Digital PR: Engage with top-tier media outlets to secure placements and links that will boost your brand’s trust and authority in the eyes of both your audience and Google’s SGE.


Google’s SGE is  making it a non negotiable for marketers to understand and adapt swiftly. By acknowledging and leveraging these changes, you’ll position your brand for success. Worried about these upcoming changes? Chat to a member of our SEO team, get in touch here.

Sophie Crosby

Head of Content (UK & ES) at Minty.

CIM qualified. Brand and content nerd. Cat lover and full time ice cream enthusiast.
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