5 Reasons You Should Use SEMrush for PPC Campaigns

Paid advertising for business is a challenging task. Advertisers compete fiercely for the most profitable keywords to reach the right users in their niche.

Marketers must perform keywords research, competitive analysis and market research regularly in order to come up with successful PPC Campaigns.

So aligning your message with what people are searching for could be a lengthy process if done manually.

Luckily there is a tool that can help with the creation of a winning marketing strategy in no time.

In this article, we are going to list 5 reasons you should use SEMrush for PPC Campaigns.

Perform in-depth PPC Keyword Research

SEMrush PPC Keyword Tool is indispensable when it comes to planning a PPC Campaign. With so much buzz around automation and self optimisation ability powered by artificial intelligence, any PPC pro will be aware some tasks still require a fair bit of manual audits. Tasks such as ad group structure set up, keywords choice based on search intent, reviewing search terms reports from live campaigns or identifying underperforming ads are part of ongoing manual account maintenance.

But when it comes to expanding and adding to existing PPC campaigns, SEM rush offers an array of exciting features:

  • Multi-channel highly relevant and new keywords discovery
  • Negative keyword suggestions
  • Keyword layering – not allowing campaigns to compete against each other by cross-matching negative keywords
  • Keywords grouping and duplicates monitor
  • Keyword optimisation recommendations

SEMrush keyword magic tool for PPC makes research and expansion on existing campaigns much easier and ensures selected groups are more likely to become the highest performers.

How does the above compare to Google Keyword Planner? Apart from CPC and Search volumes, Google keyword tool doesn’t give you any insights into competitors PPC keywords. This can only be accessed when the campaign is set live…not ideal.

Gain Insights with Market Research

This is another great reason to start using SEMrush for PPC. SEMrush Market Explorer helps launch businesses into new playing fields where they can thrive.

This is what you can do with Market Explorer:

  • Analyse new niches in terms of traffic shares.
  • Understand top tactics in website traffic generation for market leaders
  • Discover indirect competitors and their market share
  • Explore in-market audiences to narrow down target audiences and create relevant campaigns faster

SEMrush Market research makes understanding past and current trends a walk in the park. Also, you can keep an eye on shifts in demand for a specific product. PPC professionals will know how important this is in planning their next move.


Plan PPC Campaigns with Cost-per-Click Map SEMrush

If you ever wondered why you can’t get much out of your keywords even though the search volumes metrics show 100s of searches each month, that means your MaxCPCs are set too low to make an impact.

Add other factors like competitors’ aggressive bidding tactics or targeted locations and your keywords may not even return impressions, let alone clicks or conversions.

This is where SEMrush CPC Map comes in handy as it shows cost differences for the same keywords between regions.

Structuring campaigns based on CPC Map SEMrush tool indicators, will help you set the right bids and see better results on your paid advertising efforts.

Here’s what you can do with CPC Map in greater detail:

  • Check Lowest Average CPC and Highest Average CPC for selected locations
  • Gain insights into Local PPC competition
  • Discover the best locations for PPC campaigns (those with high search volumes and low CPCs)
  • Predict future Avg CPC and Search Volumes across regions
  • Make informed budget distribution decisions

Explore Competitors PLA and Display Advertising Strategies

Still not convinced to use SEMrush for PPC campaigns’ success? Then you haven’t tried the SEMrush’s Competitive analysis tool, directed specifically to highlight competitors’ Google Ads activity.

This is really helpful to see what market rivals are doing to generate the traffic that you are also catering for.

SEMrush Display Advertising Tool refines your PPC marketing strategy by:

  • Showing key metrics like ratios between Text Ads, responsive image Ads and html banner Ads
  • Seeing exactly how competitors budgets are allocated
  • Analyzing competitors’ ad assets like headlines, images and offers
  • Getting an overview on competitors’ display ads on each device type
  • Comparing their most engaged target audiences with your own
  • Finding competitors’ landing pages

As PPC advertising on display networks is a disruptive marketing method, taking time to review all data on display ads can be extremely valuable.

SEMrush provides all that data in one easy to follow, organised and visually appealing dashboard.

Analyse Product Listing Ads (PLAs) for Ecommerce 

PLAs research on SEMrush is another feature that easily lets you discover PPC marketing strategies on Google Shopping network.

If your role is to grow an ecommerce business, try PLA research via SEMrush.

The tool makes it possible to:

  • Dig into competitors’ product feed data
  • Uncover what keywords were used to trigger other shopping ads
  • Reveal profitable keywords your product feed is missing out on
  • See details of key attributes like product title, description and price
  • Know which PLAs gained the most clicks
  • Adjust your feed to promote like for like products with a fully optimised feed


As 5 reasons why you should use SEMrush for PPC campaigns have now been revealed, why not try it for yourself? SEMrush marketing tool speeds up many processes like research, analysis and decision making as far as planning of PPC campaigns is concerned. It also:

  1. Saves you hours when managing big PPC accounts
  2. Assists with creation of winning marketing strategy
  3. Prevents investing in ‘performance poor’ keywords
  4. Gives an enormous yet manageable amount of competitors data
  5. Allows for informed decision making for maximum business impact

In the process of building a new PPC strategy for your business right now? Why not contact our in house marketing guru who will answer any more questions that you may have.

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