Top 7 Locations for Remote Workers

What makes a great destination, ‘base’, or hotspot for remote workers? Find out why we’ve picked these 7 places over some of the other amazing places this planet has to offer.



History, culture, art, food, music, nightlife, low cost of living, a well-connected airport, fast internet, plenty to do, a warm climate, the coast, more than 100 coworking spaces and the third-highest concentration of remote workers and freelancers in Europe. You’ll never feel alone as a remote worker in Barcelona, as the community in Catalonia is just too strong. For all of these reasons and more, Minty Digital chooses to have our HQ in Barcelona.



‘There’s just something about Lisbon’ is the typical answer for why people tend to stay there or keep returning. I’ve been there 7 times and I love it slightly more every time. Maybe it’s the 290+ days of sunshine, the stunning architecture, winding streets, beautiful coastline, entrancing Fado music, delicious seafood, friendly locals, and nights in the Bairro Alto. For remote workers here, the start-up community, low cost of living, and the incentives to become a resident are appealing.



Bali, and in particular Canggu, is the only Asian destination to make our list. Before we might have said Bangkok, but pollution levels have driven many remote workers down to Bali’s stunning scenery. Bali boasts around 10,000 remote workers, with as many as 3,000 of them in Canggu. But why? Cafés and coworking spaces cover the Indonesian island, and when you’re not working, there’s plenty of surf, yoga, cross-fit, Muay Thai, sunbathing, and eating to be done. 



The home of Skype and Transferwise, and the world’s most advanced digital society. Estonia has come a long way since declaring independence from Russia in 1991. They can now boast a city on our list of the top 7 locations for remote workers! Tallinn is walkable, clean, safe, exciting, and in this city, internet access is a human right. This means that even in the forests and on the beaches you can get connected for free! Co-working spaces litter the city and talk in the remote work community suggests that this city is on the verge of becoming the next great European hub for remote workers. What’s more, the government is currently discussing a special visa for people in this category!



Aside from cheap long-term rentals and an amazing spring/summer remote worker community, Budapest is perfectly located right in the middle of Europe and acts as an amazing bus, train, and flight hub, so if you’re on the move a lot, it’s a great spot to be in. One of the cheapest major cities in Europe, Budapest is also a big party spot. In your free time, they offer spa parties, boat parties, and raves in old ruin bars. When you need to sit down and work, there are around 50 coworking spaces to choose from, and hundreds of friendly cafés and bars that will give you their wifi password too.



Where else can you rent an apartment for £130 a month, ski all day long, and have several cheap (under £100 a month) coworking spaces, right on your doorstep? If you have an answer to that rhetorical question, please let us know. Located in southern Bulgaria, just a few hours from Sofia and Thessaloniki, this tiny mountain town has become a surprise digital nomad destination. I can confirm that it is lovable and with studio apartments starting from as low as £6000, I was nearly ready to buy myself a place in the mountains! In the summer, temperatures up to 35 degrees make this a great place to hike and get some fresh air. 



You may recognise the name from Netflix’s big hit ‘Narcos’, but don’t worry. What was once one of the world’s most crime-ridden cities is now one of the cleanest and safest, and a hugely popular spot for remote workers. With a climate that averages 23 degrees celsius year-round, and with fast internet, cheap co-working spaces, epic nightlife, and loads of great accommodation options, you can see why people are grabbing their laptops and jumping on flights. With a 90-day visa on arrival for many passports, you can come and enjoy the city, and even extend if you want to stay longer. 


Looking to work remotely?

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