SEO Podcasts to check out in 2020

29 Jan 2020
SEO Sophie Crosby

When they say that there are podcasts that cover every possible topic and niche you could think of, they were right! Podcasts are my favourite source of digesting content as I can listen while at the gym, doing the dishes, walking to work – they are just so convenient! SEO-based podcasts, or marketing podcasts which discuss SEO from time-to-time, have become more and more prevalent over the last few years and people seem to be embracing this fresh format of SEO content, not least the top guests that seem to be more willing than ever to contribute to an episode.

Here are some of my favourite SEO podcasts to check out in 2020

Experts on the Wire by Dan Shure

The first SEO podcast that I discovered a few years back was Experts on the wire by Dan Shure. What keeps me coming back to experts on the wire is the great range of guests including the likes of Dawn Anderson, Marie Haynes and even Martin Splitt, who works at Google.

As an experienced SEO consultant himself, Dan isn’t afraid to dive into some real technical SEO challenges with his guests which makes sure that there is always something to learn, even for the most advanced SEO.

My Recommended episodes include:

  • How to tackle advanced eCommerce and technical SEO with Luke Carthy 
  • Boost your rankings by improving crawl budget with Dawn Anderson

experts on the wireexperts on the wire

The Authority Hackers Podcast by Gael Breton & Mark Webster

Another recommended SEO podcast for 2020 is The Authority Hackers Podcast. Probably the most consistent SEO podcast, with regular weekly episodes, Gael and Mark dive into a range of SEO tactics and techniques that they have mastered over the years alongside the raft of great guests they have had including Matthew Woodward and Matt Diggity.

My Recommended episodes include:

  • Nerdy SEO Debates with Matthew Woodward
  • 10 things we learned Analysing 600,000 outreach emails

authority hacker

Marketing Speak by Stephan Spencer

Marketing speak is more of a general digital marketing podcast but still packs a punch in terms of SEO value with great guests including Barry Adams and Tim Soulo. 

As well as SEO, the podcast features talks around the likes of conversion rate optimisation and video marketing, making it great for SEO’s and all other digital marketers a-like.

My Recommended episodes include:

  • Geeking out on SEO with Barry Adams
  • Clarity in the ever-changing world of SEO with Dan Shure

marketing speak

Do you have any other great SEO podcasts recommendations? please let me know!


Sophie Crosby

Head of Content (UK & ES) at Minty.

CIM qualified. Brand and content nerd. Cat lover and full time ice cream enthusiast.
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