Video Advertising Services

Video Advertising or Video marketing works very well for brands looking to engage with their audiences in a creative and innovative way.

Video Ads offer a great opportunity for high ROI. This is because digital generation of consumers prefer video content to other types of content (article or post).

The challenge is that many brands struggle with identifying exactly what to share in their videos and what digital platform will align with marketing objectives.

The Video Ads we focus on are:

YouTube Video Ads on Google and Google Partners

Social Media Video Ads on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin

At Minty Digital, we can help you clarify video advertising direction to take by a 2-way approach:

by serving you as a creative agency for video making purpose

by offering you a video marketing agency for full video campaign strategy, implementation and management

Google AdWords

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Video Marketing Agency with a Fresh Perspective

If executed well, video marketing has a huge potential to make a significant difference in businesses’ bottom line.

The Minty Digital team have knowledge and experience to come up with the most current and on trend video ad campaigns.

If you are still unsure about advertising with video content, we have some staggering facts for you:

Purchase intent increased by 64%  in users who watched branded product or service video TubularInsights

Return on Investment 52% higher for businesses using video ads, marketers insight HubSpot

82% of internet traffic is expected to come through video content by 2021 Cisco

Still, only 25% of brands publish videos every week as from Buffer report

Facebook Video Advertising

To achieve the perfect ad design for your brand, we make sure we are in the know of all video marketing trends as well as the latest video ad solutions on Facebook.

Whether you wish to try video ads for the first time or you are planning to scale up your existing video ads, we can help you choose the right Facebook video ad solution for you.

Social Media Video Ad Campaign Plan

The Strategy Concept

1. For on brand message direction

2. For campaing goals

3. For accurate audience targets

The Creation/Set-up

1. Video ads creation

2. Campaign Structure

3. Audience Segmentation


1. Real results reports

2. Unlimited ad edits

3. Remarketing

We provide a highly organised back-to-back Facebook video marketing management service and help you:

deliver your video campaigns in feed where users share similar ideas

make your video campaigns less disruptive and more native by selective video ad format choice

drive engagement from the right audiences that matter to your business

YouTube Video Advertising

YouTube Video Ads are Video Ads that we set up and create for you in your Google Ads account. There are many different ways of approaching your YouTube advertising strategy and we are here to help you make the right choice.

Google Ads accounts are not easy to run by busy entrepreneurs. This is due to constant features changes and sheer complexity of targeting options, just to name a few.

We have managed many accounts and served ads for an array of different sectors. The process below reflects years of experience mixed with innovative thinking.

We use 3 step process that helps us align the YouTube advertising options with what you want to achieve:

first, we agree on your marketing objectives and KPIs

then, we suggest campaign structure with the right YouTube Ad formats

lastly, we strategise, implement, measure and optimise

YouTube Video Ad Campaign Types

Cost control actions like Daily or Weekly Impression Caps or Content & Ad Placement Exclusions

Bidding strategies application

Cost per View monitoring & optimisation

Affinity, In-Market & Custom Audience targeting options

much more

Minty Digital YouTube & Facebook Video Advertising Champions

Minty Digital team shares the passion and eagerness to deliver upon marketing goals of our clients.

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