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Behavioural habits of modern consumers are largely dominated by online activities. In short, they work, plan and shop online and they even spend their leisure time online.

Due to this specific digital landscape, a huge opportunity arises for businesses to be present where potential customers spend most of their time.

This roughly describes the concept of Remarketing.

The Minty Digital team have managed remarketing campaigns for a wide range of brands from diverse sectors.

As a result, each brand, no matter how big or how small, has enjoyed great improvement in their key performance indicators.

The chance that a user who is targeted with a remarketing ad is going to convert rises by 70% compared to a user who sees a standard ad.*

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What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a set of marketing activities that allows brands to reconnect with users who have previously visited their website.

Remarketing is certainly an extremely effective strategy as it serves to remind a user of her/his abandoned purchase intent.

We project manage 3 Core Remarketing Campaigns Types for our clients:

  1. Google Remarketing
  2. Facebook Remarketing
  3. Email Remarketing

Google Remarketing

Firstly, Remarketing on Google Ads platform enables you to reinforce your message in previous interactions by:

  1. Search Ads Remarketing
  2. Display Ads Remarketing
  3. Video Ads Remarketing
  4. Gmail Remarketing

Remarketing ads on Google network certainly help achieve target return on ad spend quicker. Therefore, we follow a procedure to ensure that your remarketing campaigns are set for success.

Our process:

  1. Remarketing Tag set up on your website (usually via GTM)
  2. New Remarketing Lists creation or updating existing lists
  3. Creative work and adding ad incentive (promo)
  4. Measurement and Optimisation

Above all, a single Google remarketing list must have a minimum of 1000 members to be eligible to use in remarketing campaigns.

Of course, the size of remarketing lists depends on the traffic to your website. Consequently, if your lists are too small, we’ll focus on growing website visitors via standard search or shopping campaigns before finally embarking on remarketing project.

Facebook Remarketing

Remarketing on Facebook is ruled by the same principle as Google Remarketing. It uses a small snippet of code (Pixel) to track website’s visitors and is a source for Remarketing Lists.

There are multiple formats available on Facebook: video ads, canvas ads, dynamic ads and many more.

Our experience is that, regardless of ad format picked, Facebook remarketing proves its value for brands because:

  1. Remarketing is a form of Personalised Advertising
  2. 44% consumers say they will likely become a repeat buyer after personalised shopping experience*
  3. 30% of users express a very positive reaction to retargeted ads*

*Stat Sources: eMarketer; IAB; Software Advice; PR Newswire

Email Remarketing

Whilst Google Remarketing and Facebook Remarketing work by setting up a remarketing tag on a website, email remarketing works as a part of a remarketing funnel.

Another difference is that you remarket via email campaigns to users who have already become your customers (or subscribers).

To this end, we like to consider email remarketing as a third stage of digital marketing strategy that we provide for our clients.
It looks like this:

1: Brand awareness and Website Traffic Generation – Standard Campaigns on Facebook and Google
2: Website Visitors Re-engagement and Influencing Purchase Decision with Remarketing Campaigns on Google and Facebook
3: Nurturing relationship with Existing Customers – Email Remarketing Campaigns

Email remarketing campaigns play a very important role in maintaining a sales funnel for consistent revenue growth.

In short, Email campaigns can re-engage existing users in many ways:

  1. Send personalised offer (Birthday Discount code)
  2. Remind of viewed products
  3. Inform about upcoming sales
  4. Distribute exclusive invites to member only events
  5. and much more

Minty Digital uses advanced ActiveCampaign software. Therefore, our detailed and agile approach to each client’s unique objectives ensures that we utilise the right set of features of our software:

  1. Personalised and personal emails
  2. Automated yet timely emails
  3. Unlimited Testing and Refining

Google, Facebook & Email Remarketing Services Excellence

In conclusion, you can get in touch with the Minty Digital team today if you need to:

  1. Set Up Remarketing Campaigns for your business
  2. Off-load remarketing campaigns management to trusted experts
  3. Optimize Remarketing Ads and Landing Pages
  4. Measure Remarketing Results accurately

Above all, don’t forget that if you are unsure what digital marketing service is right for your brand, Minty Digital’s team can provide an initial assessment of your market, competitors and goals for a clearer idea of a digital strategy that works.

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