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Google Search engine advertising is one of the most effective paid advertising solutions available.

Google Search Ads (previously Adwords) reach commercially motivated customers with the right message at the right time.

By adding google search ads to your digital marketing strategy, you can:

appear on the first page of Google search results above organic results

find customers who don’t know about your business but are looking for products you offer

grow highly qualified traffic to your website and make more sales

At Minty Digital, we are a highly organised team who know how to effectively set up and run paid Google Search Ads Campaigns for you.

What is Google Search Engine Advertising?

Google Search Engine Advertising is a way of Running ads on Google Search Network as a form of PPC Advertising.

When you decide to market via google search ads, your ads will appear next to search results displayed by a user’s browser.

Minty Digital have the expertise and knowledge to create google ads that entice prospects to explore brands’ offerings and to become a buying customer.

We combine our writing skills with Google best practices to express the key business objectives of a brand. We then use our creative flair to come up with bespoke text ads that fit within the brand’s voice and messaging directives.

Google Search Network ad placements or Google Search Engine Advertising is a competitive place, we use our own in house system and a set of procedures to put our customers ahead of their competition.

Google AdWords

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As preparation is crucial for putting a good strategy together, we start from a great deal of research. We use a lot of resources and time to learn about industry trends, competition and average cost per click for desired keywords. We analyse:

type of product or service

current demand on the market

advertising cost forecasts

Set Up

Once we have key metrics available, we then prepare a bespoke master document where we map out Google Search Ads campaign plan.

The components of a core plan are:

Google account structure with campaigns and ad groups framework

Target keywords for ad groups with their Maximum cost per click

Negative keyword list preparation (terms you don’t want to target)

Conversion Tracking and conversion action plan

Ad copy bespoke to each campaign and ad group

Revision of work and final Google search ads approval by client

Campaign upload and launch on client’s dedicated Google account

After the initial set up, the campaigns need 2-4 weeks to pick up traction in terms of impressions and clicks.

Usually, after a few days, we are ready to implement the first set of google search ads optimisation actions


We look at all KPI’s agreed and compare performance between ad groups and campaigns.

This is where we also have first insight into live auction and competitors actively advertising and targeting the same keywords.

Typical optimisation actions we perform:

Max CPC and bid review at ad group and keyword level

Budget vs search impression % review

Search term reviews (relation between your targeted search keywords and actual searches typed by users)

New keywords insertion

Ad performance review and additional edits


The campaign measurement is the most important stage of the process.

This is where we learn which campaigns have led to a conversion action we tracked.

Metrics that we monitor and report on are:



Cost per conversion

Conversion Rate

Google Display Ads vs Search Ads

To understand the difference between Google Search Network vs Google Display Network ads, think of Search network ads as text ads and Display Network ads as a combination of text and image ads.

Advertisers often ask which platform is more effective to advertise on.

The answer to this question is: both Google Search Network and Google Display Network are highly effective forms of ppc advertising. The key is to use them in a correct way.

At Minty Digital, we provide a full marketing service covering Google Search Engine Advertising.

Google Ads Help Excellence

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Minty Digital is a fully certified Google Partner with access to advanced tools and insider know-how to make your campaigns a success, no matter your goals or industry.

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