Marketing Campaigns

Kick Start Your Marketing Campaigns

Microsite Marketing Campaigns are a powerful & effective stand-alone strategy for promoting a product, website or campaign as a sub-asset of your main website. They also work as a great, cost-effective solution for one-off campaigns, saving the cost of having a whole website built for a one-off or short-lived promotion.

Here at Minty Digital, we offer a unique strategy for each objective our clients are aiming to achieve. By integrating your microsite with Channels such as Social Media Marketing, Google AdWords & Email Marketing Campaigns, we can generate traffic and leads to the service you are offering to the world.


Benefits Of Microsite Marketing Campaigns

Increased Awareness

With a microsite dedicated to your campaigns, your visitors can find everything they need in one area rather than being distracted by the multitude of services and pages that your site has to offer. By directing the awareness towards one topic, you increase your chance of conversions as visitors will not be tempted to drift off elsewhere on your site or leave.

Faster Development

As Microsite Marketing Campaigns are more targeted towards one product, you can save time on development. This also works out great as you can turn the campaigns on and offline a lot quicker than if they were built on to an existing website and also eliminates the risk of further development to your main site causing bugs and other technical/usability issues.

Cost Effective

Microsites work great if you are on a tight marketing budget. They are generally less expensive than a traditional website due to the nature of the purpose that they serve. They also have lower maintenance and running costs, you can even turn them off if you are not using them! You can compare this to building a home. If you need more storage, it is going to be a lot more cost effective to build a standalone shed in your backyard rather than an extension to your house!