Marine industry marketing

Our founder, Charlie, grew up here and spent much of his teenage years working on boats, performing maintenance and assisting in refits. As he gained an education and moved into the world of digital marketing, that love of sailing and supporting the marine industry has become a core part of our activity and customer base.

Marine Products Support

One of our most popular services is product marketing, but we approach it from a very different angle to many of our competitors.

We build a customised website to complement your products, for example, if you are ‘Smith’s Sails’ and you sell sailcloth for the UK industry, we can make a secondary site called ‘UK Sailcloth Suppliers’, for example, and use this to generate traffic and leads for your business. This would work like an affiliate scheme, where we take a percentage on sales.

The risk is low for you, but the potential is great. Customers who have taken up this option see us as a remote online dealership to support sales.

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Our Additional Services

We also offer a number of brand enhancing and marketing services including:


Our remote SEO team is experts in maintaining a strong relationship between your websites and popular search engines like Google and Bing. There are hundreds of techniques to improve SEO, and we’ve found what works and what doesn’t

 Pay Per Click

PPC is one of our highest strengths – it is perfect for gaining immediate results for a website with low organic SEO presence. We have helped present strategies to brand such as IKEA, Thorntons and TrustPilot.


We believe in building websites that not only look great but also perform well on search engines and on-site, providing an excellent user experience. your website is your shop window, so make sure you give your clients something nice to look at 🙂

Our Clients

We have been lucky enough to work with a number of companies in the marine industry such as:

Presto Marine

Charlie and the Minty Digital team came to us with a solution for sales. We wanted to focus on our service and its design, so the agreement was perfect and it has been very profitable for us.

Y Manage

We needed to increase our sales without hiring a full-time sales manager. Instead, we hired Minty Digital to create a website that works around the clock, so that we can be making sales and generating leads even while we sleep

Venga Travel