Google Shopping Ads, previously known as Product Listing Ads (PLAs), are a paid advertising solution for eCommerce platforms.

In short, Google Shopping Ads have a 3 core element structure – Image, Product Title and Price – which helps promote online stock of physical and virtual goods. 

Although Google Shopping Campaigns are hosted via Google Ads platform together with Search Campaigns and Display Campaigns, you cannot run PLAs just through Google Ads account. 

For Shopping Campaign to run on Google, you need:

  1. A Google Ads Account
  2. A Merchant Centre Account
  3. A Shopping Product Feed

It does require some amount of effort and know-how in order to set up Google Shopping Campaigns and make them profitable for your venture.

Having said that, whether you own a single product online shop, or you manage thousands of products that come in multiple variants of brand, size, colour etc., Google Shopping Ads can deliver high returns on your advertising spend.

The Minty Digital team have been managing Google Shopping Campaigns and Google Shopping Product Feeds for a number of eCommerce brands, therefore we have plenty of experience. We have provided an end to end shopping ads management service from research stage to optimisation and, after that, measurement.

In addition, our unique system allows us to quickly identify problems with existing data feeds, troubleshoot via Merchant Centre and connect optimised feeds with strategically structured campaign models built in Google Ads account.

Google AdWords

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Google Product Feed Integration with eCommerce Platform Management

Google product feed in its simplest form is a spreadsheet with product data such as product title, description, category, SKU and other attributes.

To be able to run your shopping campaigns, you must first submit your Google Product Feed to a dedicated Google Merchant Centre account.

Merchant Centre supports different feed formats: Text .txt,  XML .xml or Content API.

However, the type of format that you will need to promote your products will largely depend on the eCommerce platform you choose to host your shop on.

Each platform will have preferred Google Shopping Product Feed integration requirements and Minty Digital can certainly accommodate those requirements for you.

For example, most Shopify platforms will need a Google Shopping Product Feed App installed on your webshop, whereas Magento stores will require an extension like amasty or mageplaza.

Google Shopping Feed Audit and Optimisation

If you already have a Google Merchant Centre account and a product feed submitted, there may subsequently be other elements you may need help with.

Some common issues businesses often face when they upload their product feed, are:

  1. Incorrect product category (brands need to categorise goods using Google’s own classification)
  2. Missing or invalid required attribute
  3. No shipping information (on website and in Merchant Centre)
  4. Non-existent terms and returns policy information (on website)
  5. Mistakes with product identifiers i.e GTIN, MPN, Brand
  6. Product images do not comply with Google advertising standards

Troubleshooting Product Feed issues is one thing, however removing those issues and bringing the feed up to a working standard is a whole new process which can be tricky to finalise.

At Minty Digital, we deal with data feed issues effectively, and we certainly make it work on a Google Ads account.

Google Shopping Feed Optimisation by Minty Digital includes:

  1. Keyword Research and Product Feed Title Optimisation (very effective yet under utilised method of
  2. Achieving higher CTRs at lower cost)
  3. Addition of Merchant Centre Promotions and Seller Ratings Tools (for even more powerful boost in driving sales and ROAS)
  4. Linking Google Merchant Centre with Google Ads Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaign Structure Setup

However, making sure that Product Feed is approved and fully working inside of Google Ads account is only half of the process.

That’s where our shopping ads managers can fully show off their potential.

Below are a few integral elements of our Google Shopping Campaign Structure setup that help us drive more value for our clients:

Google Shopping Campaign Segmentation

We analyse many approaches of classification and use one that will best suit your business. Some examples here:

  1. Structure A – One campaign with multiple Product Groups per product category or other significant factor
  2. Structure B – Multiple campaigns dedicated to Different Groups of Products

Google Shopping Campaign Search Query Analysis and Elimination

Even though you can’t use keywords to determine which search terms you want your shopping ads to show for, you can decide what search terms you don’t want your ads to be displayed against.

We use search term reports available in Google Ads accounts after campaigns have been active for a while.

KPIs help us determine which terms are relevant and which ones to place on a Negative Keyword List.

Keywords we try to identify are:

  1. Irrelevant and generic terms
  2. Competitors terms that a brand can’t compete with (Amazon, eBay)

Manual Bid Management for Google Shopping Campaigns

Once we are happy with campaign structure, we can then move on to manage Mac CPC bids. This is why setting up Google Shopping Campaign structure is so important as, if set up thoroughly, it allows us to set accurate bids for each Product Group and for each individual Product.

To determine the right Max CPC bids, we look at:

  1. Benchmark CPC
  2. Search Impression Share %
  3. CTRs
  4. Conversion Rates
  5. Auction Insights

Firstly, we almost always start with Manual Bidding Strategy. Once we know enough about the campaigns, products, sales and cost, we then include Automated Strategies to maximise ROAS. Machine learning technology available on Google Ads platform helps achieve this goal.

Innovation vs Google Shopping Campaigns

Since we started working with Shopping Ads on Google, there have been many changes and new elements have been added to make Google Shopping Campaigns more relevant to users.

We take an analytical approach in our paid advertising management services and integrate new solutions where it makes sense. In short, some of those solutions include:

  1. Campaigns with Local Catalogue Ads
  2. Showcase Shopping Ads for Product Categories

Google Shopping Services: Full eCommerce Marketing Management

Digital paid advertising as a marketing solution is moving fast and we stay afloat with the latest trends and adjust our approach constantly to easily deliver our clients’ objectives.

Team up with Minty Digital’s friendly squad of driven individuals and:

  1. Get discovered on Google by users with high buying intent (your ads will be shown against commercially charged search terms)
  2. Save your advertising budget by showing your ads against more relevant keywords
  3. Reduce the risk of wasted clicks by show-casing your products’ price and image without the need for a user to click on an ad (so only users who qualify your product for a more detailed viewing end up on your website)
  4. Drive more traffic that converts at consistently higher CTRs (compared to Standard Search Ads)

Google Shopping Ads is just one of many areas of Minty Digital expertise.

In addition, we encourage you to check Our Display Advertising Services and Video Advertising Services.

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