Alongside Google Search Network advertising, Minty Digital offers Google Display Advertising services for brands and businesses.

We set up paid advertising campaigns on Google display network for almost every client we work with and we have good reason to do so.

As a certified Google Partner, and digital experts across many industries, we incorporate a holistic marketing approach to assist our clients with creating personal and relevant conversations across all digital channels.

Benefits of advertising on Google Display Network

The Minty Digital team work extra hard to make display ads effective. Key benefits of using this network are vital in any marketing campaign. With Display ads you can:

engage users with message + image

easily reach new audiences & prospects

grow a portfolio of returning customers

Google AdWords

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Where is Paid Advertising displayed on Google?

Google display network is a collection of Google-owned websites (Blogger, YouTube) or Google partners and mobile network of mobile apps.
This network provides a base platform for advertisers to show their ads to tens of thousands of internet users.

As there are millions of websites and apps available to display Google ads, it is not an easy task to find those that work for a given busine

Google Display Ads designed to perform

Show up on too many websites and you’ll waste your budget. Similarly, narrow down your placement targeting and you risk that your ads won’t be seen at all.

At Minty Digital we take action to tackle the unwanted impressions across too many irrelevant placements. We take full control by:

  • using the right campaign settings and bidding strategies
  • applying impression caps
  • excluding non-converting placements (usually games apps but it gets more complex than that)

Google Ads on Display Network vs Business goals

Running Google Ads on Display Network is ideal for the following business objectives:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Expand your reach to new audiences
  • Retarget existing visitors with a custom offer

Retargeting / remarketing on display ads is our strength. With the right tactics, it delivers great return on ad spend for our clients.


Consistently higher CTRs than the industry average

Website Traffic

60% more website visits via all channels (organic, social)

More than 12% yield growth YOY for B2B and 18% for commerce

 Remarketing Campaigns on Display Ads 

Google Banner Ads

Every size or dimension covered

Professionally designed

Unlimited changes

Google Responsive Ads

Your best assets combined

With or without data feed option

Unlimited optimisations

Google Display Advertising Excellence

Minty Digital team will plan, strategize and execute marketing initiatives for each client with great attention to detail.
We are a friendly and hard-working group of digital marketing professionals ready to help your business grow online.
We have achieved impressive results for clients due to laser-sharp focus on our clients’ goals.
Talk to Minty Digital representative and take your paid advertising on Google Display network to the next level of marketing excellence.
Alternatively, if you have other advertising plan for your business, please also check Our Shopping Ads Services for ecommerce and Video Advertising Services.

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