Gmail ads campaigns are a form of email marketing but without the use of email software. To create Gmail ads, you will need a Google Ads account, the one you may already be using for your Search Ads, Display Ads or Video Ads.

Formerly known as Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP), Gmail Ads are a great way to reach qualified prospects.

We offer Google Gmail Ads Marketing services to our clients because:

  1. It is a tool that delivers ads right to users’ personal email inbox 
  2. Users visit their personal email inboxes regularly (at least 3 times a day)
  3. Our clients see increased ROAS after including gmail ads campaign in their marketing strategy
  4. It is cost-effective as can deliver 5-10% open rates leading to conversions with value

Gmail Email Marketing

To set up effective email marketing with Gmail Ads for our clients, we analyse the performance of other types of campaigns first. 

We look at results data across many verticals and feed the insights into creating Gmail Ads. Some metrics we look at are:

  1. Top performing headlines in display campaigns and their click-through rates 
  2. Best performing offers in remarketing campaigns
  3. Similar and In-market audiences insights from all previous campaigns

The above insights give us a sharper start in advertising with Gmail Ads. Plus, they are a powerful bank of knowledge when choosing the right gmail targeting options.

Google AdWords

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Gmail Ads Targeting

Google Gmail Ads Campaigns have evolved quite a bit in recent months. Some features have been ceased whereas others have been added.
The arrival of new improved targeting options, however, makes Gmail Ads really interesting as far as advertisers are concerned.

Gmail Ads Targeting Options:

Gmail Audience Targeting

We use audience targeting options to create high performing remarketing campaigns with direct sales objectives, as well as campaigns targeting other goals such as reach or brand awareness.

Audiences we use are usually the audiences with history of increased CTRs for most sectors:

  1. Website Visitors Lists known as Remarketing Audiences
  2. Users Lists Similar to Website Visitors ( lists of users who have not visited client’s website but are similar in behaviour to those that did visit
  3. In-market Users who are groups of users who are actively researching or intending to buy product or service that a client offers

Depending on campaign budget and other targeting details like demographics, device or life event targeting, we creatively design Gmail Ads for maximum impact at lowest cost possible.

Gmail Automated Targeting

Gmail Ads can be set on auto-pilot, meaning we can use specific setting options that enable machine learning technology to identify and reach qualified users who would not be available via manual targeting options. 

Although automated, this form of targeting still requires specialist Google Ads knowledge and expertise for cost-effective use of this new feature.

Gmail Customer Match Targeting

The customer match targeting option is perfect for clients who have a customer database acquired via other marketing channels.

This database or list can be uploaded into Google Ads account and used in Gmail Ads campaign for highly personalised ads that will appear at the top of existing customers’ inbox tab.

It is a great option especially for brands that want to re-engage with customers who have already shared their details.

Creative Gmail Campaigns

To stand out from a long list of unopened messages, we make sure that Gmail Ads for our clients abide by the following creative rules:

  1. Gmail Ads have interest inducing headlines
  2. They promote an offer that delivers value
  3. Gmail Ads are specific to users’ current needs

For more information on gmail ads and our design process, submit enquiry via contact form below.

Promote Your Business with Google Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads carry a great deal of advertising success potential, not just due to Gmail targeting options explained above.

Gmail Campaigns can also:

  1. Directly reach email inbox of users who have already entered your sales funnel via other channels
  2. Seamlessly blend in a user’s inbox and look not much different in appearance to organic emails
  3. After user’s click, they expand just like any other email
  4. Have average CPC of £0.08 which is staggeringly lower than average CPCs for search ads for any given industry
  5. Provide unique metrics on users’ behaviour such as number of email opens, email saves and forwards

Gmail Ads Management by Minty Digital

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