Data Studio is a data visualisation tool by Google. With dynamic reporting available via Data Studio you can connect many data sources and combine multiple data sets into valuable insights.

At Minty Digital we use Google Data Studio as a way to deliver dynamic reporting solutions to our clients.

To make Data Studio a valuable resource for business, we take care of the set up process and dashboard management.

As Data Studio requires a thorough understanding of data analysis and data research, it is often used incorrectly. This is how the Minty Digital Team can help.

There are many advantages to using Google Data Studio. Our experience of working with Google Data Studio has revealed its 3 key most valuable benefits. We listed them below.

Google Data Studio as a Data Visualisation Tool

Google Data Studio turns website data into highly customisable dashboards at a fraction of the cost (free) or time (templates available).

  1. We work and surface insights on a weekly or monthly basis from a variety data types:
  2. Users’ behaviour data i.e. time of day activity patterns
  3. Top revenue generating search terms
  4. Users’ location data in relation to paid campaigns’ targeting
  5. Engagement patterns by device
  6. and much more

When we connect Data Studio to data source and transfer data onto flow charts, graphs or tables, we immediately see where to focus our attention during the next session of SEO or PPC optimisations.

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Google Data Studio Reports are Fully Customisable

Flexibility of data visualisation tools available via Data Studio helps us create and share monthly reports more efficiently and with a high level of transparency.

What’s more, it integrates easily with most data sources (Google Ads; Google Analytics; Display & Video 360, Google Search Console) and Databases (BigQuery, MySQL, and PostgreSQL).

This feature is to ensure that any patterns and logical strings of activity are pulled through for accurate data interpretation and informed optimisation.

Also, once a data source is connected, there is no need to manually update the dashboard each month as Data Studio Report is a Dynamic Report.

Google Data Studio Dynamic Reports are Accurate

As a real-time dynamic reporting tool with the ability to blend data from multiple sources, Data Studio also boasts a very high level of reporting accuracy (subject to correct tracking set up).

Data Studio allows us to see our clients’ most valuable website data in a single dashboard of custom visualisations. This is so important from business perspective for a few reasons:

  1. Supports correct interpretation of data sets
  2. Eliminates human error factor
  3. Increases the readability of various engagement metrics
  4. Tells a data driven story and
  5. Is a powerful funnel optimisation hint tool

Data Studio Dynamic Reporting Services: Our approach

As a Certified Google Premier Partner we are highly skilled in Google Products and deliver Google Data Studio Dynamic Reporting services where you can:

  1. See your website data live at any given time
  2. Increase the accuracy of your marketing planning
  3. Uncover new opportunities for business growth
  4. Quickly compare month-on-month MOM and year-on-year YOY results
  5. Access the highest standard of digital reporting capability
  6. Stay ahead of competition by identifying any user behaviour shifts faster

Reach out today and be on your way to better website data analysis and interpretation for business growth.

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