Digital PR that converts ideas to coverage and coverage to customers.

What is outreach and why does it matter?

Digital PR outreach is the foundation for crafting the perfect introduction for your brand in media – a proactive approach of reaching out to relevant journalists and media outlets to amplify your brand’s message, share compelling stories, and build lasting connections.

The Blueprint for Successful Outreach


 Successful outreach isn’t just about sending messages into the void or creating mass email lists; it’s about crafting purposeful interactions that leave a mark.

It’s a strategic blend of personalised communication, authentic storytelling, and targeted engagement.

Our Minty blueprint approach to outreach includes:

Precision Targeting

Identifying and engaging with the right individuals and platforms that align with your brand’s values and objectives.

Compelling Storytelling

Weaving your brand’s narrative into stories that intrigue, inspire, and incite action.

Authentic Connections

Establishing genuine relationships with key stakeholders, fostering trust and loyalty. We’ve got the inside scoop. Our well-established relationships with journalists and media outlets give your brand a direct line to captivating storytelling and extensive coverage.

Who benefits from outreach services?


Our outreach services are spot-on for those who:

  • Have exciting company updates and great content but lack an in-house PR team to really spread the word effectively.
  • Want to reach new audiences, make valuable industry connections, and expand their horizons.
  • Aim to boost their brand’s visibility, establish credibility, and make a mark in their target markets.
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Connecting the English and Spanish-speaking worlds


With a global perspective, we specialise in bridging the gap between the English-speaking and the vibrant Spanish-speaking markets. Our nuanced approach ensures your message not only transcends language barriers but resonates authentically within each unique culture.

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