Increasing organic traffic by 282% for home & garden company


How we increased keyword rankings, traffic, footfall, and revenue for home and garden client Primethorpe Paving with a long term technical SEO and content strategy.

Primethorpe Paving – Increasing organic traffic & local footfall for home & garden company

Who are Primethorpe Paving?


Primethorpe Paving Company is an award-winning paving supplier, providing high quality hard-landscaping products across the UK. Hoping to expand their reach, they employed Minty to create and implement a custom SEO strategy with the goal of attracting new customers within key markets.

Learn how our efforts helped them increase their organic traffic by 282.85% and even catch the attention of local media with our creative campaigns.

How we increased both site traffic AND footfall.

As a family company that started paving gardens locally and has since expanded their service to customers across the UK, Primethorpe was looking to amplify their success through the power of search. In order to earn new organic business while dominating the search market in their sector, they set about improving their search rankings and domain authority.

Thanks to an effective collaboration with Minty, they were able to rank for more relevant keywords, increase organic traffic to their site, and attract qualified leads through search.

“Minty’s efforts resulted in significantly increased web traffic. They boosted our digital visibility, which is now greater than ever before. The team adjusted to changing needs and incorporated feedback. They demonstrated an exceptional willingness to troubleshoot emerging problems.”

– Kelsey, Director at Primethorpe Paving

Gardens through the decades


Our gardens through the decades campaign was a low budget campaign that we launched with the aim of driving links from industry specific publications back to the Primethorpe website. The team spent time researching trends through the decades, using data such as keyword search volumes and displayed the data with an infographic. the campaign picked up several links from high domain authority media industry relevent media titles such as Local Gardener.

Our strategy


Starting with an in-depth analysis into the market, we applied this extensive keyword research to the Primethorpe website and strategy. This included improvements to technical SEO and the structure of the site with weekly supervision of ranking pages to ensure exhaustive optimisation.

After initial stages of refining the existing structure, we moved on to create a more targeted content strategy that would allow the company to fill pertinent keywords gaps. This effective content approach, along with link outreach, enabled us to drive relevant, quality, and high-value traffic to their site.

  • Canonicals – to verify that only high-quality pages would be indexed by Google.
  • Optimising Meta Titles – to target the most important, best search intent keywords.
  • Updating Existing Content – to ensure that content is optimised, purposeful and informative.
  • Adding Internal Links – to share link equity with important pages.
  • Keyword Research – to generate relevant informed topic ideas for the Primethorpe Paving Blog.
  • Backlinks – We reached out to high authority and industry-relevant publications with our Gardens through the decades campaign with the aim to get a link back from any coverage, which boosted the authority of the Primethorpe Paving website.

The results


The results speak for themselves. By significantly increasing the number of keywords Primethorpe ranked for, and improving the site from a technical standpoint, we drove a 282% increase in traffic year on year, and significant increases in the number of keywords ranking between position 1-3. Some of the most impressive keyword ranking achievements are:

Sealed paving / 1st / 1.3K Searches a month

Stone hearth / 2nd / 1.K Searches a month

Limestone Paving / 4th / 1.6K Searches a month

Fossil Mint Sandstone / 2nd / 590 Searches a month

black coping stones / 2nd / 590 Searches a month

Previously, these keywords were nowhere to be seen on the first three pages of the search results.

Primethorpe Paving – Increasing organic traffic & local footfall for home & garden company

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