Should Your Business Be on Instagram?

Instagram! The social media platform that’s been on every business’ “To Have an Account on” list for the past couple of years. It used to be “if you’re not on Facebook, you don’t exist”, but now it seems as the attention has shifted to the younger sister. To choose the right communication approach becomes essential for one’s business and to find the best online platform to use becomes mandatory. But should yours be on Instagram? Do you need to share funny stories and research hashtags in order to get your business out there?  Let’s see!

1. Take a look at your target audience

Before choosing the best medium for your marketing strategies, you must know your prospects. According to the latest stats, 80% of all Instagram users live outside the U.S. (that’s a lot of global exposure right there) and 34% of them are Millennials. Also, Instagram has a 2.2% interaction rate, unlike other social media platforms, such as Facebook (0.22%). The users are loyal to their platform and 70% of them log in at least once a day to like/share or interact with the accounts they followSo if your marketing approach involves engaging your audience, Instagram is the platform to be on

2. Figure out what you need for your product

 When it comes to selling stuff, 72% of all users claim they have bought a product they saw on Instagram. Also, more than 80% of all users follow at least one business profile and 35% of them are adults that actually have the money to buy the products. When it comes to competition, it’s worth to know that there are 25 million business profiles on InstagramSo, if you own a B2C business and your prospects fit the platform’s user profile, you should definitely build an account! Also, since it is a mobile app, users are more likely to buy products directly from their phones and from your business profile.

3. Should your business be on Instagram?

Instagram is a great place to get noticed with a good picture and to really get to know your audience and engage with it. So if your brand is all about that, you should definitely be present on the platform! Instagram is the social media platform where what matters the most is the visual aesthetics and good quality photos. You also have to pay attention to choosing the best hashtags and captions and to keep an eye on the always changing algorithm. Always keep in mind that the strategy you create is ruled by the people you target and you need to consider their needs, habits, and preferences.


So when it comes to Instagram you need to make sure the story you tell is relevant and interesting enough to drive engagement. If you want to be on top of your game when it comes to this platform, you should consider getting some help. Minty Digital offers Social Media Marketing services, so why not make the most of your business profile with our help?
Charlie Clark
Founder of Minty Digital. Charlie has over 10 years of experience within the Digital Marketing industry. Background in Project Management, SEO, and Google Ads.
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