Semrush and Minty Summer Party Recap

You heard about the SEOcial hype, now let us take you through our evening in the swanky new rooftop of Semrush’s office where we held our 2023 summer party.

Like all our SEOcials, marketers from around the world united. From SEO gurus to content marketers and PRs, Semrush turned into a melting pot of talent for the evening. Not only with talent within the SEO world but with some even centre stage on the dance floor. 😉 Thanks to DjMįnåKām who effortlessly spun tunes that had everyone throwing a shape or two.

Of course, the party wouldn’t be complete without some refreshing beverages in the Barcelona summer sun, and so the free-flowing bar was a hit… as we expected. With a wide array of refreshing drinks on offer, conversations definitely flowed as freely as the beverages thanks to our sponsors over at Peroni.

With a free bar and a delicious spread of food, a top-class DJ and a space to geek out over all things SEO, it was pretty much impossible not to have a good time, or so we heard anyway. 👀

“I really enjoyed the Minty event crossover with Semrush! It was a great demonstration that although we work in a rather competitive industry, digital marketers have worked to create a close-knit community thanks to events like this. It’s always great meeting up with some familiar faces and getting to know new ones. It’s nice knowing we have a safe space to share ideas and support each other and even share a few drinks ha! I’m already looking forward to the next one!” 

– Leah Daly, Senior Digital PR Executive (@LeahDaly_PR)

But here’s the exciting part – our SEOcial events don’t stop at the summer party. We’re already in the works planning our next meet-up, so keep your eyes peeled (and your inboxes clear) for your invite to our next event in November.

Imagine an inclusive community where SEO and Digital PR enthusiasts come together to share their passion and knowledge over drinks – pure genius!

In the meantime, let’s cherish the memories made, the connections formed, and the good times shared. We might be slightly biased but it seems when we’re paired with Semrush, we sure know how to throw a party. 🥳

Until then, keep the summer spirit alive and stay tuned for our next event! Cheers to a summer evening well-spent! 🌞🍹

Ellie Mckenna

Content Executive

MSc Digital Marketing & Communications. All things pattern and design. Find me eating pizza in a floral print 🌸🍕
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