Minty X Diary of an SEO (podcast)

Our CEO Charlie recently featured on the SEO For Hire podcast; Diary of an SEO, where he took the hosts through the Minty journey, from how it started out to how he’s grown it into the award-winning agency it is today.

He chatted about the process of hiring staff, and how Brexit impacted getting some of his team members their visas. Other topics of conversation included the perks of running an agency in Barcelona, plus some of Minty’s core values, which include giving staff the freedom of a freelancer but the benefits and security that come with being part of a company. 

⬇️ Listen here! ⬇️


Sophie Crosby

Head of Content (UK & ES) at Minty.

CIM qualified. Brand and content nerd. Cat lover and full time ice cream enthusiast.
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