Minty Digital at the METS Marine Tradeshow

Minty Digital were at the METS Trade Show last week, offering exhibitors insights, audits and recommendations to their Websites and Digital Marketing Strategies.

As well as catching up with our existing clients, we helped over 50 businesses identify issues with their current websites online performance and areas in what they can improve in.

What is the METS Trade Show?

The METS Trade show is the worlds largest B2B leisure marine equipment trading show in the world. The aim of the event is for businesses to demonstrate the most innovative and luxury marine products of 2017. We saw everything from on-board log fire systems to Carbon Fibre Bathrooms being showcased at this years event.

It is also host to the Boat Builders Awards Ceremony, a prestigious event which continues to showcase the best talent in the marine industry.

Why we were at the METS Tradeshow

To demonstrate the importance of Search Engine Optimisation and the benefits of Google Pay Per Click Advertising. we approached a number of businesses as well as existing clients giving them on the spot reviews and recommendations into where they were underperforming online as well as future marketing opportunities for 2018.

3 ways SEO & PPC can benefit you

  1. Increase traffic, leads and sales through Digital Channels.
  2. Improve site speed – studies show that a page load speed of more than 3 seconds can cause up to 25% of your visitors to leave!
  3. Provide a professional image and look for your website and company as a whole.

Here are some supporting facts and figures

    • 92% of searchers choose a business on page 1. Position 1 gets 33% of traffic.
    • 75% of traffic goes to top 5 positions.
    • 48.3% of consumers said search was an effective way for a company to attract their business. Search is 1.8x more likely than traditional advertising to have a positive impact on purchasing decisions.
    • Mobile has increased search volume, especially local
    • 80-90% of customers check online reviews prior to making a purchase.
    • 54% of marketing and sales pros said SEO is most effective tactic (2nd place).
    • 54% of B2B marketers rated SEO as effective (3rd place).

Our history in marine marketing

Minty Digital was born in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, the home of worldwide sailing and host of Cowes Week, the biggest sailing Regatta in the world.

This town, although on the more quaint Isle of Wight, has a bustling environment all year round with a number of sporting and cultural events throughout the year.

When we started out as a company our first clients were in the marine sector, and with our extensive exposure to the industry growing up in a town mainly based around this, coupled with our passion and expertise in Digital Marketing, we were able to help businesses in the area generate more traffic, leads and sales online!

Charlie Clark
Founder of Minty Digital. Charlie has over 10 years of experience within the Digital Marketing industry. Background in Project Management, SEO, and Google Ads.
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