How Email Marketing is Changing the Game in 2019

Have you ever thought about how your business’s email marketing campaigns measure up against other businesses within your industry? Do you ever consider what your site’s bounce rates and unsubscribe rates appear in comparison to your rivals?

It is time to look at the overall email marketing performances of various businesses in other industries, get to know each industry’s top performer, and figure out something exciting you can learn from them.

Various studies done by two major email outreach agencies, Caffeinated and PBN Pilot, have successfully gathered valuable data from their clients and organized it by industry.

This data can offer you high-level insights into the crucial metrics and probably core numbers that you must track accurately for every email you send. Keep in mind that these metrics a rough benchmark that marketers use as targets when setting goals and optimizing their email marketing campaigns.

Email open rates

If one in every six email recipients open your emails, you are performing better than an average company. According to a report across all industries, the average email open rate is 18.09 percent. Further, the report indicated that mobile devices have an email open rate of 61.03{8e70974195c48f015656ec00029c2bf559b83ca472845d96d7b604466648386d}, the desktop has 60.3{8e70974195c48f015656ec00029c2bf559b83ca472845d96d7b604466648386d}, and tablets have about 13.52{8e70974195c48f015656ec00029c2bf559b83ca472845d96d7b604466648386d} email open rate.

Transactional Emails

These are the emails triggered by a website user’s action like subscription or receipt. Transactional emails have a higher open rate as compared to emails that aren’t transactional. A study done by Experian indicates that transactional emails get at least eight times the opens compared to all non-transactional marketing emails. Note that transactional emails cover all site user action that may lead to another action.

These actions include return/exchange confirmation, shipping confirmation, password reset, abandoning a shopping cart, and more. On the other hand, a non-transactional email is a type of marketing or promotion message that the user didn’t trigger.

As a marketer, you should understand that transactional emails are a highly fertile ground to create a tight bond and relationship with your audience. These emails can also help you sell more products and services to the same client via up-sells, cross-sells, and other promotions related to their purchases.

Click-Through Rates

While email open rates get all the glory, getting a prospect to take the desired action and clicker is a big ask and more essential for your company. It is, therefore, important to gauge your email click-through rates and overall performance across different metrics to get a clear picture of how your email marketing campaigns are performing.

Email list churn

Click-through rates and open rates are often seen in a positive light. However, the topic regarding email list churns or unsubscribe rates isn’t quite as sexy. The major cause of unsubscribe rates is the disconnect between the subscriber and the message. Also, emailing too frequently or emails that have value could also be causes of unsubscribe rates.

The increasing use of mobile devices

Numbers indicate that email open rates on mobile devices are higher than desktop open rates. Mobile open rates are about 61.03{8e70974195c48f015656ec00029c2bf559b83ca472845d96d7b604466648386d}, tablet open rates at 13.52{8e70974195c48f015656ec00029c2bf559b83ca472845d96d7b604466648386d}, and desktop open rates at 60.36{8e70974195c48f015656ec00029c2bf559b83ca472845d96d7b604466648386d}.

The study also revealed that nearly all industry email open rates for mobile devices are more than 50{8e70974195c48f015656ec00029c2bf559b83ca472845d96d7b604466648386d}.

Bounce rate

Generally, bounce rate rarely gets as much ink as opt-in rates and email open-rates, but it’s still an essential metric that every digital marketer should track. It is determined by comparing the number of emails sent with the number of emails delivered.

There are two distinct types of bounce rates; soft bounces and hard bounces. If you use MailChimp, you will realize that soft bounces are indicated as ‘temporarily unavailable.’ That could mean that the recipient is on holiday or their mailbox is full.


High abuse rate is worse than a high bounce rate or unsubscribe rate. An abuse complaint can occur when your email recipient flags your button as spam. In most cases, this happens because probably the recipient doesn’t remember your company or signing for your list. An effective way of preventing spam complaints is ensuring that the ‘from’ or emails’ subject line have your company name or your own name.

If you need someone to handle your e-mail campaigns, don’t hesitate to get in contact!

Charlie Clark
Founder of Minty Digital. Charlie has over 10 years of experience within the Digital Marketing industry. Background in Project Management, SEO, and Google Ads.
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