How To Come Up With Fresh Content Ideas For Your Blog

26 Sep 2018
SEO Charlie Clark

Regardless of the type of content your create, being a blogger comes with one huge struggle – the constant need for coming up with new and fresh content ideas for your blog. The lack of inspiration when it comes to generating new content ideas for your posts can drag you down, especially if your site has been running for quite some time.

However, being creative and innovative not only requires talent but knowledge and the ability to link information in an original manner your readers will enjoy. After all, it’s not magic, it’s commitment.

But how do you do that? How do you constantly come up with new ideas?

Here are some tips on how to get out of a writer’s block!

Creativity is just connecting things.” – Steve Jobs

1. Expose yourself to better content

As Steven Johnson said in a Ted talk a few years ago, an idea is a network.

Ideas form when different pieces of data are connected inside your brain. They come from what we have already acknowledged, from our past experiences and feelings and, most importantly, from what we consume (from online articles to TV shows).

In order to come up with better ideas, you need to develop better habits and to increase the quality of the things you consume. When it comes to generating ideas, no expertise in a certain area can overcome a massive culture.

Broaden your interests, be curious and eager to find out some more and you’ll see how your creativity grows with it.

2. Share your ideas with other people

Yet, starving for intriguing content isn’t enough. It has been proven that sharing the information with someone else, either through a discussion, a tweet or a short blog post, forces you to absorb any idea at a deeper level. Which undoubtedly helps you recall it for a longer period of time.

Moreover, debating a topic generates questions that can lead to new perspectives on the matter and, guess what? Questioning what you read allows you to expand your view and think macro. So don’t be afraid to ask questions to find out better answers and to discuss what you think in order to get a feel of people’s attitude related to that certain topic, so you will know either they appreciate it or not.

3. Focus on problem-solving subjects for generating fresh content

If you can’t think of anything new to write on the spot, look around you. In your comments section, at other bloggers, in the news, and find out what people are asking. What issues do they want to have solved? What problem could you help them fix? Sometimes, giving a new and fresh spin to the most popular topics at the moment can help you gain you a lot of traffic and can also get you out of a writer’s block.

Never ignore your audience and their needs. Maybe there’s a relevant discussion happening in the comments sections of your or other blogger’s post. Why not fructify it and create a dedicated post for it?

4. Capture your ideas

It might come as a no-brainer, but it’s important to write down things as they pass through your mind, no matter how good or bad. Ideas come and go and it’s important to store them somewhere easy to access and review in the future when you don’t know what to write about anymore.

Sometimes, it only takes to hear or see something insightful for an idea to pop up in your head, but it takes just as little to lose it. So don’t miss the opportunities and capture ideas when they come. You can organize them into a list of ideas to review in the future, as you can never know when it happens again to lack them.

After all, the deficiency of creativity and innovation can frequently be solved effortlessly. In a world full of resources, where accessing information is no longer a tough process and knowledge is just a stone’s throw from ourselves, all it takes to generate new ideas is to stimulate your mind.

The quality and the quantity of the content we consume matters. But in the same measure, asking questions, debating and sharing are essential in broadening your vision and creating content that your readers and followers will enjoy, as that is the supreme demand, isn’t it? Offering value, inspiration, and insights through your work.Minty Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency. We focus on driving outstanding results through multiple digital channels, providing our clients with traffic, brand exposure and sales online. Our sectors range from the Marine Industry to Home Improvements and our aim is to provide businesses with long-term solutions to their Digital Marketing Campaigns, not just a short-term fix.

Get in touch today to see how we can help transform your online presence.

Charlie Clark
Founder of Minty Digital. Charlie has over 10 years of experience within the Digital Marketing industry. Background in Project Management, SEO, and Google Ads.
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