5 SEO Updates You Need to Know: February 2021

Hey Digital Marketers, greetings from Minty Digital!

We have gathered some of the most interesting news regarding SEO from the last month:

Google might soon release a privacy-friendly alternative to cookies

In its efforts to make their products more privacy-focused, Google said last year it plans to phase out support for third-party cookies in Chrome. 

This year, they’ve finally announced what their new tracking technology could look like.

They’ve been testing a new API that acts as a replacement for cookies.

Instead of sharing the data of individual users, the API analyses their browsing behaviour and generates groups of thousands of people, whose data is then shared as a whole and then used to target ads. 

This should enable marketers to target users efficiently without raising privacy or security concerns

>>> Read more about it here

Is Digital PR the most important tool in your SEO arsenal? It might be!

John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, suggests Digital PR might be “as critical as tech SEO”. 

Digital PR is essentially building brand awareness and mutually beneficial relationships between organisations… which, for SEO purposes, comes down to backlinks. 

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Ahrefs launched a new “also talk about” feature

Ahrefs released a new keyword ideas report in the keyword explorer section called “also talk about”. 

In the report, you’ll now be able to show keywords and phrases that the top 100 ranking pages for your target keyword frequently mention.

Another great way to find new keywords to target and generate relevant content for your niche! (Especially after Google confirmed launching subtopics ranking in mid-November 2020).

Did you see that Ikea, Bernie Sander’s chair advert? Well, it was fake!

A photo of US Senator Bernie Sanders wearing oversized hand-knitted mittens, seated on a folding chair at the presidential inauguration went viral worldwide.

Digital marketers Jack Foster and Carrie Rose created a fake Ikea ad featuring a folding chair similar to the one seen on the viral memes and naming it “Bernië”.

The original post reached over half million people on Facebook, who believed it was a real campaign. 

A clever example of how jumping on trending topics is a great way to gain visibility for a brand.

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Minty Digital awarded as a top advertising & marketing company in the UK by Clutch

We are fortunate enough to be featured on Clutch’s list of top advertising and marketing companies in the UK!

The teams worked tirelessly throughout a difficult year and it’s great to see everyone’s work being recognised. 

We’d like to thank our clients for choosing Minty as their service provider and we look forward to delivering continued results for the future

>>> Read the full story here

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Kind regards,

Minty Digital Team

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