Active Campaign: Why it should form part of your automated marketing strategy.

There’s a lot of talk around marketing automation these days, and it’s hard to deny its importance in the modern day marketing world. What once were repetitive, mundane jobs, now take just a few clicks, and if done right, the results can be impressive.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation, put simply, is the process of automating marketing activities. These commonly include things like social media posting and email campaigns. Here at Minty Digital we use the tool Active Campaign to manage and bolster out automatic marketing results, and here’s why we think you should use it too.


ActiveCampaign is hands-down the most powerful automation tool we’ve tested, allowing you to set up virtually any automation you can think of – triggered campaigns, sales follow-ups, automated segmentation, dynamic email content and so on. 


By using tags, you are able to effectively segment your subscribers within Active Campaign. For example you may want to segment your subscribers from cold leads, warm leads and past purchasers. This will allow you to effectively split your strategy between these groups, and send personalised automations to push your leads through the sales funnel in just a few clicks.


Without accurate reporting, it will be near to impossible to check on the success of your automation campaign, and therefore the growth of your business. It’s crucial to have sight of the direction your campaign is heading, the obstacles and opportunities for improvement. It’s not always easy to find the best reporting tool, and creating your own can cost you valuable time and money, thankfully Active Campaign’s custom reporting feature makes this easy. With just a few clicks you can gain insight into your businesses data by selecting specific time periods to accurately monitor activity. 


In short, email deliverability refers to ability of an email message to arrive to the ability of an email to arrive in the recipients inbox. Low deliverability is more commonly an issue with bulk sent email campaigns. Typically marketers monitor email deliverability to measure the success of their email marketing campaign. An email with low deliverability will have a drastically reduced impact on the effects of the marketing campaign. A good way to ensure your emails are delivered successfully is to personalise them and make them relevant to each specific recipient. Campaign Monitor allows you to easily customise your campaigns to ensure they can be made as personalised as possible and thus more likely to have a high deliverability rate.

Here at Minty, we have created a tried and extensively tested automation strategy, that can be adapted to suit all kinds of businesses. Sign up for a 14 day free trial with us today to see how you can take advantage of Active Campaign, and increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. 

Want to see how ActiveCampaign can benefit your business?

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