A guide to sh*t hot organic TikTok posting

TikTok is where its all going on when it comes to social media marketing and influencing these days. Literally the social media equivalent of the K-Jenners when it comes to reality TV royalty, the platform is used by thousands of brands, businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide to create unique video content that compels their customer base to purchase their products or services. 

And even though TikTok is still relatively new compared to other platforms in the social media space, it has quickly marked and solidified its territory as perhaps being the app when it comes to marketing. But while successfully utilising the platform requires unique, quality content and creativity to obtain organic growth, the question on every creator’s lips is how can I build the perfect videos time and time again to expand my audience and increase ROI.

Behold, the 7 step guide to creating organic TikTok posts. When intently followed, it can play a vital role in extracting the best and most creative ideas from people, and it can make you a pretty penny, too.

The Hook Should Be a Main Priority

Like any video, be it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the first few seconds are vital. Why? Because they can make or break its end results.

If you’ve ever spent more than a few seconds on TikTok, you’ll understand how easy it is, and how much you’re encouraged to scroll. So, if your video doesn’t engage viewers immediately, people will naturally lose interest and scroll on to the next thing. To combat this, you need to make sure you combine engaging hooks with a knowledge gap.

Use Text and Voice Overs

Make sure your hooks appear as a visual caption, and an aural one to keep users engaged in your video. When you deliver the hook in both these functions, you’re increasing your chances of users making the split-second decision to stay, rather than scroll on.

(TikTok has a default voice option if you don’t want to include your own, btw )

Take Advantage of Trends

Trends are important on TikTok. So important, we wrote a whole blog on it. You need to make sure you’re constantly identifying these movements in order to utilise the moment and create your own unique content.

Maximising your use of music, sounds, hashtags, challenges and other current trends will enable you to engage with viewers a lot more. Use the TikTok for business platform to identify upcoming sounds and hop on the bandwagon the miunte you see it beginning to take off. Try to opt for sounds that are popular, but aren’t tooo popular yet.


@mintydigital Work life balance? We created work life balance 🕺 Did we mention we’re hiring? #pumpit #digitalagency #agencylife #digitalpr #seoagency ♬ original sound – Valeria Torres

Beat the Algorithm

TikTok’s algorithm is steered by video watch time, so it’s imperative you find a way to get your audience to re-watch your content. Think of the “storytime” videos you see whilst scrolling. Even though tikTok now allows 10 minute videos – most creators will encourage you to click on part 2 in the comments to keep you hooked, and keep you watching their videos!

If possible, you should also think about what value you’re adding to the views life, wthat might be humour, a tutorial, or just interesting info! A 2 minute video about the award you just won probably wont capture viewers attention, but a video explaining how you got to the point of winning it might.

Storytelling is Important

Humans have always been the same – we need to find out what happens at the end of a story because we are nosey. Make a TikTok vid story and you’ve got more of a chance of people watching until the very end.

Whether you’re a fashion retailer and you create a visual thread whereby you style an outfit on the ground and then cut to someone wearing it or you’re a sustainable brand and you reveal the backstory behind your business, if the video takes people on a journey, you’re onto a winner.

Make Use of the CTA

In any marketing strategy, the CTA is crucial, so make sure it has weight. Somewhere in the video, include a clear call-to-action and pin a comment. 

CTAs are incredibly influential when it comes to the actions a user takes next. If they don’t have a clear signpost telling them what to do, they may struggle to navigate the route to buying your products or signing up for a service.

Is Your Profile Prepped for Conversions?

Let’s pop back to those CTAs for a minute.

Make sure your brand or business’ Instagram account acts as one and is linked to your TikTok account. Your Instagram main feed can be an incredible visual landing page showcasing your products and services, so make it easy to find, and grow your audience across platforms.

TikTok and SEO

Now we’ve covered these 7 effective steps, let’s talk about TikTok and SEO, and how it can take your organic posts one step further. 

Many creators expect to get instant results after posting their videos, but that’s not the case. By optimising your content for views, you’ll be able to connect with more people who want to watch your stuff.

Utilise Hashtags

Adding certain hashtags to videos will help your content become more discoverable when someone is searching for that particular tag. Users will then be able to join in on relevant and trending conversations and put your content at the forefront.

Tip: Don’t use hashtags that are too saturated. 


@mintydigital Leah may be new but she’s not scared. #emailsignoff #agencylife #digitalagency #digitalpr #genzhumor ♬ original sound – Minty Digital

Communicate With Your Audience

You’ll want to make use of your other social media platforms (we’re talking IG, Twitter, Facebook, website etc) to communicate with your customer base on a larger scale. 

Like we mentioned above, when you combine all of your platforms, you’re expanding the number of people you’re connecting with, as some people favour different apps over others. Basically, keep consistent on each platform to cater to both new and old followers.

Keywords, People!

You can optimise your TikTok content for SEO by sifting through your past content and finding opportunities where you can include your new keywords. You’ll be able to hit higher traffic levels and grow into higher volume keyword pockets. Just because you posted it last month doesn’t mean you cant optimise it further and increase those views! 

Move Your TikTok Traffic to Other Platforms

Again, this calls for engagement on your other platforms, as many users fail to move traffic from TikTok to other areas of the internet. You need to make sure your website is engaging and clearly displays your brand. Once you’ve done that, create appealing videos inviting your TikTok followers to head over to your site.

Track how many people visit and how they interact with your business, as at the end of the day, it’s all about influencing people to buy your stuff!

The sooner you take advantage of TikTok the better, as with every rapidly growing social platform, there’s a limited window for relatively easy success, and well, that was yesterday! But, with these tips and a bit of experimenting you’ll soon get to know what works for your brand.

Now go and spend your lunch break scrolling.

Sophie Crosby

Head of Content (UK & ES) at Minty.

CIM qualified. Brand and content nerd. Cat lover and full time ice cream enthusiast.
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