8 Questions You Should Ask Your Prospect PPC company

17 May 2019
Paid Ads Charlie Clark

Looking to hire a PPC company or marketer to support your advertising efforts, but you aren’t quite sure where to begin?

These eight questions will put your potential client on the spot, and the quality of their answers will be defined by how much they try to help you understand, rather than confuse you.

Let’s begin.

How will you manage and improve the Google Quality Score for our campaign keywords?

A good answer will mention keywords, ad text, and landing page relevance. They may advise fewer keywords and more targeted ad groups. Better copy to find better niches is another good answer.

What third-party tools are you using to find useful keywords for customers like us?

Some of the best tools are SEMrush, Moz and SpyFu. Be cautious of companies who do not use external tools. Some PPC marketers also won’t share their secrets, don’t be too shy to ask why.

What benefits can we expect to gain from remarketing?

Remarketing is vitally important right now, as it targets users when they’re most likely to buy, it creates lists for specific reasons, and it has a great reach.

What are the most important KPIs for measuring success?

You should know this before you sit down and talk with them, but CTR, CPC, eCPM, QS and ROI are the most important KPIs for the majority of digital advertisers.

What types of remarketing can be done?

Search remarketing, Display remarketing, email remarketing, and social media remarketing are the main 4 types.

How do get more impressions on an Ad Campaign?

Increase your ad budget, diversify your audience, or stop your audiences from mixing or overlapping. If you want to know the basics of ‘how does PPC work’ this is a question to explore further.

When writing ad copy, what’s important to know?

Call to actions, visuals, headlines that capture the imagination, and words that build/ differentiate your brand from the rest of the noise on the web.

How do you test ad copy?

Great PPC marketers and companies know that testing is a vital process in the PPC advertising chain. It allows for PPC marketers to understand pricing and budgets, emotional appeal, punctuation, and CTA effectiveness, as well as more.

Ask these questions

Don’t be afraid to ask for clarity if you think they are trying to use jargon to confuse you – this is a tactic that many salespeople use to try and make the sale.

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Charlie Clark
Founder of Minty Digital. Charlie has over 10 years of experience within the Digital Marketing industry. Background in Project Management, SEO, and Google Ads.
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