5 SEO Updates You Need to Know: March 2021

Topshop to ASOS web migration gone… wrong?

Earlier this year, Asos bought Topshop for a whopping £300 million. 

As part of the transition, Asos decided to get rid of the TopShop.com domain completely and redirect all traffic to Asos.com/topshop. 

This move, however, wasn’t the smartest choice SEO-wise. The problem? TopShop.com was quite a healthy and successful domain, which shared a lot of common keywords with Asos, and by getting rid of it, they’ve lost important search visibility. 

For example, both domains used to rank for the keyword “mini dresses”, which means that, together, they held 20% of the top 10 positions. Now that topshop has disappeared, they’ve effectively lost half of that shop-front space, leaving an extra space for competitors.

>> If you want to read all the details about this interesting brand migration case study, you can do so here.

Google: Total number of backlinks isn’t relevant for SEO

While this is not breaking news, it was nice to hear Google’s John Mueller stating once again that the total number of backlinks a website gets doesn’t affect its rankings. 

Quality, he said, is substantially more important than quantity. A single link from an authoritative page counts more than a million Spammy backlinks.

>> Watch the full recording of the Google SEO office-hours hangout from February 19, 2021 here.

Google adds price drop to search results

If you own an eCommerce business, good news for you! Google will start showing price drops in the search results page. This presents a new opportunity for you to optimise your product pages and boost organic CTR.

All you have to do is add an “Offer” to your product structured data and Google will automatically calculate the price drop from the historical average of your product’s pricing.

This feature is available only in English and in selected locations just now, but it’s expected to be available worldwide soon. 

>> Read more about it here in the Google Search Central.

Simple tips for better SEO exposure

Not every aspect of SEO is complicated, and the impact of small changes may surprise you.

Our SEO Manager, Ben Dracup, has outlined some of the simple but effective steps you can take today to get ahead of the search game. They include updating your meta titles, improving your existing content and spending time on keyword research.

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Minty continue to expand!

Last month we welcomed Javier Sánchez to the Barcelona team! Javier has INSANE experience across all things SEO and content marketing, and has already secured some impressive link opportunities for our clients. Javier will play an integral part in expanding our ever growing Spanish market.

Should you require further information on SEO, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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