App Marketing is a general term used to describe all activities and initiatives that surround app promotion.

App Marketing on Google Ads and Facebook is certainly a great way to drive app installs or to encourage specific in-app actions.

Minty Digital have certainly established well-structured app marketing services for a wide variety of applications from a number of different sectors.

Generally speaking, app promotion can be fully automated, however it requires a high level of know-how to get the desired results.

Therefore, we offer 2 types of App Marketing Services:

  1. App Marketing on Google Ads
  2. App Marketing on Social Media (Facebook)

Knowing your campaign objectives and determining what in-app action will present the most value for your app based brand is usually the single key factor during the campaign that determines the success or failure.

Google AdWords

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Promote Your App on Google Ads

App Campaign on Google Ads is an automated campaign that allows your product (app) to be seen by users who visit many Google Network properties, above all Google Display, YouTube and Google Play.

App Promotion To Drive App Installs

In order to effectively advertise your app for Android and iOS installs you need to consider the following:

  1. Repeated usage potential of an app
  2. App value for the user (does it enhance their lives)
  3. Design and user experience

App Promotion for In-App Engagement

There are millions of apps out there and ability of a mobile device to store an unlimited number of apps is still in question.

Once your app is successfully installed on a mobile device, it is imperative that this app is used in a way that it presents a value for both the user and the creator of an app.

However, a conversion in a form of user engagement does not yet mean revenue.

We strongly recommend that start-up mobile app ventures plan their app design so that it weaves in a conversion action that’s measurable and profitable.

In short, app engagement action with value can be:

  1. A paid profile creation
  2. A monthly subscription
  3. An in-app purchase

Tracking Results of App Promotion on Google Ads

Although bidding and targeting happen automatically after app campaign is set up on Google Ads, app campaigns with in-app engagement goal will not run until App conversion Tracking is configured correctly.

App campaigns with in-app Engagement objectives require a specific conversion configuration and conversion software that will track the whole array of different actions that users take within an app to then analyse and pinpoint the actions that transition into revenue.

This is where the agile Minty Digital team flexes their muscles, for instance to set up your app campaign and its measurement for success.

Creating App Campaign Ads

The last stage of setting up App Campaign in Google Ads is Ad creation. The process is somewhat different to that when creating Text Ads or Display Ads.

App Campaign Ads Creation Process:

  1. Upload brand assets like images, headlines and videos
  2. Choose your Call To Action
  3. Save your assets in Google Ads and submit for approval
  4. Google will automatically mix and match uploaded assets to determine the best performing combination

Promote your App on Facebook

How do you promote your app on Facebook? The best way is to partner with Minty Digital. We certainly know Facebook marketing inside out and promoting app via Facebook Ads can deliver high returns, if executed correctly.

The key feature to mention is the in-depth and flexibility of targeting options.

Whereas audience targeting for app marketing in Google Ads is fully automated, Facebook gives full control over choosing your in-market audience for laser-like targeting precision.

These are the Key Targeting verticals available when creating Ad to promote an app install on Facebook:

  1. Platform (choose from iOS or Android users)
  2. Operating system your app supports
  3. Wi-Fi Connection present or not
  4. General Demographics: Gender, Age, and Language
  5. Similarly, Detailed Demographics Targeting (by relationship; education; ethnic origin; work details and much more)
  6. Other Detailed Targeting (by interests; by behaviour and connections)

Therefore, we should now have an idea of how valuable app promotion on Facebook can become.

It certainly takes time to narrow down and find the highly responsive audiences and this is where we can help.

App Campaigns Management Service

Minty Digital is a full stack marketing agency that is driven by clients’ success. We understand the complexity of today’s digital landscape and the challenges brands face especially in early stages of their journey. 

With the help of our experience you can:

  1. Stand out from the crowd of millions of similar apps on Google Play Store and iOS App Store
  2. Leverage your app marketing budget by discovering in-app micro actions that drive revenue
  3. Be a step ahead of your competitors by identifying and promoting to a group of highly qualified users

In conclusion, you can contact us today and see how else we can help you with your app campaign project on Google Ads or Facebook.

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