Email Marketing

Introduction to Email Marketing

Emails play a huge part in our everyday lives, allowing us to communicate quickly and effectively with minimal fuss, but is your business taking advantage of them?

Email should play a major role in any digital marketing strategy as it consistently provides excellent ROI for businesses online. While other trends have come and gone, emails have been crucial from day one in the world of digital marketing and from a business perspective, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Why Email?

Email accounts are at the centre of the internet. If you sign up for any new service online, you have to have an email address, and it is estimated that there will be 3.8 billion email users worldwide by 2019.

These numbers are impressive and it would be a mistake for any business to ignore the vast amount of potential customers you could reach through email. But, not only do emails have a wide reach, they are also a powerful tool when it comes to boosting your brand, increasing website traffic and crucially, increasing conversions.

An effective email marketing strategy is a great way of reaching new customers, but it is also brilliant at engaging those already on your mailing list and turning them into paying customers. It is one of the most useful marketing tools as in effect, it allows you to market your latest products or services, directly to a potential customers inbox.

Email Marketing

How does it work?

At Minty Digital we choose to deliver our clients email marketing strategies through MailChimp. MailChimp is an automated marketing tool that will help us to save you crucial time and change the way your email subscribers think about your business. Features of MailChimp include:

  • Easily creating and managing mailing lists
  • Professional, attractive and personalised designs
  • Links to your Facebook and Instagram campaigns
  • Increasing brand loyalty with tools such as automatic engagement emails including ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Hello’ to new contacts
  • Connecting online stores to emails
  • Recapturing sales by showing customers what they previously looked at on your website
  • Follow up emails after a purchase
  • Re-engaging inactive subscribers with win-back email campaigns
  • In-depth analytics including open rate and click through rate

In summary, Mailchimp combines an attractive exterior with a powerful engine. On the one hand, your customers will be impressed by;

  • Professional and personalised emails
  • Reminders of products they are interested in and current offers
  • Brand reinforcement with messages wishing them a happy birthday or thanking them for signing up

At the same time, the following information will be available through analytics;

  • How many people received an email
  • How many people opened the email
  • Which links were clicked and how many times

This crucial information will allow us to find out what has worked, what hasn’t and make appropriate changes to make your campaign a success.


With this email marketing strategy, we will combine an improved experience for your customers and boost to your brand reputation at the same times as providing detailed information on how to increase campaign performances and ultimately improve sales.

At Minty Digital we have a wealth of experience in delivering excellent results in email marketing campaigns and helping our clients to hit their targets. Give us a call today if you want to find out more or to discuss how we can help you with a new email marketing strategy.