3800% Return on Investment for Wild Audience


How we sky rocketed Wild Audience’s conversions through a PPC re-marketing strategy.

Wild Audience: 3800% Return on Investment through PPC strategy

The client, and the challenge


Wild audience are a SAAS platform offering a platform for email marketing. They describe themselves as ActiveCampaign for European companies with extra benefits” and pride themselves on their strong internal philosophy and company culture. They came to us after a few bad experiences with PPC, and were more than ready to finally see it drive some results!

As with many SAAS products, we knew our strategy would need to be long term, impulse purchases are a rarity for products like these, so customer touch points were our focus from the get go.

We ran a carefully executed re-marketing campaign through Google Ads to turn those first touch points into conversions.

How we did it?

Through a series of highly targeted re-marketing  campaigns, we were able to re engage with website visitors and purchasers on a granular level, ensuring that our ads were relevant with what the potential customers of our campaign were interested in on site.

This approach allowed us to offer the right product or service, at the right time. This combined with our bespoke designed creatives provided the trust factor needed to persuade buyers on the fence to commit and purchase the high value products our client offered.

We targeted audiences through a multi funnel strategy using Google Search Network, Google Display Network and Youtube advertising.

Walk through of the results

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