Brits love beer.


For 20 years, Admirals have operated as a financial hub, offering a wide range of services and products to ensure that personal finance is as accessible and transparent as possible. And what’s more accessible and relatable than pints and pubs? 

The idea of the Minty Digital and Admirals campaign was to source the current price of a pint across all areas and major cities of the UK, apply the current inflation rate to the mix and find out how much the cost of your favourite tipple could set you back in the next decade if inflation rates remain the same. All with the goal to go viral. 

In case you missed it, the rising inflation rate was a topic that was already trending. So, as a way to engage both millennials and Gen-Z (who spend a significant amount of time in pubs and using social media), it made sense to combine the two to create a campaign that would be highly shareable across relevant platforms. 

So we did this…


After researching and collating the relevant information we put together a key findings document that outlined the current average price of a pint in 25 cities across the UK and how much it’s set to rise every year until 2030. As of March 2022, inflation rates in the UK were set to increase to 6% off the back of Covid-19. The study suggested that if inflation continues to rise in the same manner, it could mean a pint could set you back over £6 by the end of the decade, and if you’re a Londoner, almost £10.

Drawing from the research, we created a blog post that included all of the relevant information, with the hopes of getting people to understand inflation in a casual and approachable manner. We knew that the topic would be of interest to many different media outlets too, especially with the UK’s ‘not-so-secret’ obsession with pub culture and the impending beer garden season. 

We also knew the importance of incorporating straightforward monetary values wherever possible in campaigns designed for a mass audience. This is why we ensured the campaign featured clear and relatable figures that would help to increase the chances of coverage, i.e the price of a pint. 

Alongside constructing the blog, we also created one national press release, 25 regional press releases, an infographic and a line graph, and sent this package off to our 100+ media contacts. 

And it worked…


The story went viral and was well and widely received. It was picked up by national and regional websites across the UK, including The Daily Mirror, The Sun, The Daily Star and Metro, and Proper Manchester, Devon Live, Glasgow Live, The London Economic, and Wales Online, to name a few.


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The original Admirals blog post obtained backlinks and Roberto Rivero’s (Admirals Market Analyst) quote was organically picked up and featured in articles outside of the original campaign.

Further results:

  • Total links: 13
  • Links on sites with DR70+: 9
  • Total pieces of coverage: 35
  • Links on sites with DR90+: 2
  • Combined total average monthly visits of placement websites: +300 million
  • Coverage in four national newspaper sites, The Daily Mirror, The Sun, The Daily Star, and Metro
  • Links in The Sun and The Daily Mirror. 
  • Making front-page news in The Daily Star. 
  • Coverage in the UK’s top two male lifestyle sites, and one link in LadBible.
  • The story was shared on LadBible’s Instagram page where it received over one million views. 


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