Reactive link building campaign across 5 languages

Finance: Reactive link building campaign across 5 languages

The challenge

Admiral contacted us in April 2021 after several Google updates had caused their traffic to nose dive to a low of 250k per month. We needed to create a strategy that would not only bring back the lost rankings and traffic, but would also continue to improve results month on month,

If you know much about finance and SEO, you’ll know it falls into the realm of a “tricky niche” so we really had to rack our brains when it came to working out how we could hit the KPIs.

Highlights snapshot


  • Top 3 position for 20k keywords from 12k
  • Overall traffic increase from 250k to 700k
  • 22k traffic growth in Germany
  • 18k traffic growth in Spain
  • 10k traffic growth in France,
  • 20k traffic growth from UK
  • 20k traffic growth in US
  • Average backlink DR of 70

How we did it

Digital PR Campaigns

We launched digital PR campaigns that tied in with increasing inflation in the UK and the rising cost of energy bills. These picked up coverage and links in some of the biggest UK publications.


We reached out to industry specific sites across the target countries with business related news. These sites covered the business updates and more often than not included a link back to the Admirals site.


We positioned Admirals as industry thought leaders with our reactive approach that involved commenting on key financial updates from the likes of Disney, Amazon and Unilever.

Finance: Reactive link building campaign across 5 languages

Impressive results


With a steady flow of high DR links from our newsjacking and outreach efforts, we were able to increase keyword rankings site wide from around 12k keywords ranking in the first 3 positions at the start of the campaign, to closer to 20k, a year on.

The increase in rankings drove an increase in traffic, way beyond what Admirals were seeing before the Google updates hit, taking average traffic from 250k to almost 800k per month!

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